Sunday 28 March 2010

HobbyCrafts - Birmingham NEC March 2010

Warning V long post!! And loads of naughty stash pics!

Yesterday Helen and I trotted off to the NEC, i got up at half six, got ready and zoomed off to pic up Helen before we joined the pot-hole riddled M6 ( I have a little thing about pot-holes and speed humps at the mo after the front spring snapping on my car last week and costing us a fourtune!) for our long awaited mega shopping trip! We save all our craft money to go to the NEC and certainly do make a day of it!
I have been poorly all week with a really grotty cold and i was not sure if i would be on true shopping form, but still spent plenty!

Helen and I had planned ahead as we really were please with the pick and mix card we got in November from Payper Box, we both make a lot of handmade boxes and gifts and it is quite hard to find nice quality and reasonably prived patterned card, we filled 2 mega boxes (almost 3 reams i would say) each and left them with the man behind the stall, we were the first at the stall and filled our boxes fast as the stall quickly filled, before we knew it the hall was filled and you just had to go with the flow, thank god we got our paper first! There is also some other pick and mix card in the pic that was from another stall.

We had a great day nipping in and out of the crouds, dodging the boney elbows of the elderly and leaping out of the way of stash laden trollies and suitcases - but it wouldn't be the same if you couldn't play count the bruises when you got home!!!

So on to the stash, i know you want to see it!

First up is punches, i was not really fussed about the martha edgers when i saw them on line but after seeing a sample of the happy birthdat edger i thought it would be fab for quick cards (watch this space!) I also brought this flower and centre, it was the first thing i brought and i am hoping it was not an impulse buy!!!

Next up Ribbon, I know it was my banned item, but i blame Helen for leaving me unattended! And smirk for bringing out this super fab ribbon for the boys! How fab is it!? And if you mooch down a bit there is matching paper! I really struccle with mens cards so these will be great!

Stickles... These were on my list as i only have one bottle and really like them just for a teeny bit of twinkle! I didn't plan on getting so many and had given myself a £1.75 max price, but found these for £1.50!

Next we have a couple of little card block and some envelopes, just basics really which seemed to be the order of the day, there were no big must have gadgets this year, in the past Helen and i have lugged cricuts, cuttlebugs and bind it alls home on the train! But this year trends seem very much back to basics which i really quite like!

Some New Nesties, saw these on TV in the week and was not v impressed but in the flesh the shapes are much nicer, Helen and i both got the green set with crumpled flowers in mind!

Some quick babe embellies as i have 2 baby books to do this week! eek!

Pins! I would have rather had pearl hearts but they only had the mixed ones but a nice little accent either way!

My Smirk paper, i LOVE it i got the 6x6 first and then found the 8x8 i really think these are the best man theamed papers i have seen in forever! I even got the decopage pad and i hate decopage!

Are you bored yet!? These are my bargains from the pound stall! oops some mme ribbon sneaked in there too...don't think Helen noticed those!

Buttons and bows...

Spacers, impossible to photograph but they will be used for flower centres and brad accents

Robo mats, V boring but needed and they are the new "extra sticky" ones hmmm we will see!

Next up a bit of an luxury buy, mme quite contrary papers, i brought 2 of each of my 7 faves and most were double sided (hence the 2 pics - back and front) but they are very me!

we had a fab time and did get a few of the same buys! It is so much better going in the car as we went back for lunch and a chat and off loaded all of our bags!

Lastly not very crafty but i just loved them! There was another show on called Memorbillia (soz if that is spelt wrong!) and these little dudes were everywhere! they looked ace and in a way watching them move about  could have been some scary flash forward to how life could be!
The pics were more to show Rob but i must admit i really took a liking to them!

Phew! I think i am off for a nap now! unbeknown to me as Helen and i did our 4th maybe 5th lap of the hall the clocks were due to go forward... I know i am meant to be an adult and aware of these things, but to be honest my mind is always buzzing with things to make and do i don't have much room for anything else! So i did go to bed a bit early, but we were up at 6.30 to have brekkie and get to the gym for 8, where i worked out for an hour and half (so proud!) and then came home to start dinner... so i am gong to pursuade Rob he needs a nap too to ease the guilt!

Tired craft hugs

Lisa xXx

Ps I have not put it all away yet!


Di said...

I'm so jealous!But i'm glad you were well enough to go.That patterned card looks great, i love making boxes too.Take care, Di.x

Ali said...

wow - some super stash there!!! v. jealous - absolutely love the smirk papers & ribbons - off to search the internet lol xx

TAM said...

Looks like you had a brilliant day - I looked out for your bag but can't say I saw you - probably to busy filling my own bags. Not as varied with my purchases as you - definately some basics of card blanks and DS tape but my downfall is stamps - hence the big overspend cos I found soooo many nice ones I just had to have - doesn't help I didn't have anyone to talk me out of things, my daughters tends to egg me on instead !!!!

Sandra said...

wow .... yummy yummy stash there :) I did want to go but things got in the way :( ... now I really wish I had LOL

Judith said...

Wow look like you had a great time. I missed it this year but it looks like you enjoyed it enough for 2. x