Sunday 4 April 2010

It's Here!!!!!!! My Big Shot Pro Machine!!!!

My Big Shot Pro has finally arrived, i have been waiting for this since October 2009!!!!
People who have been reading my blog since then may well remember that my old ellison machine (the roll model) wouldn't cut crease dies very well, when i contacted Ellison about this they advised that is was a known issue and offered me a swap for a presteige pro machine but i already have one! So after the customer service agent talking to her manager they offered me a BSP little did i know that it would take a million years to be released over here!

It takes up a smidge less room than its bigger brother which is nice!!
I don't have any big shot pro dies yet with it being bank holiday and the like but have plenty of accucut and ellison commercial dies that will put it through its paces!

I will do a full review on it once i have some big shot pro dies to go with it if you are interested!


Lisa xXx


Naomi (Sugar Brown) said...

Is this the 12x12 version?? If so I am very envious.

Congrats on your new toy :0)

Sandra said...

OOhhh so looking forward to what you think. I'm still uumming, and aahhhing over getting one or not.

Susy Rudy said...

wow, now that's a monster - congratulations and look forward to seeing what you use it for.

Unknown said...

Ooo exciting.

maddy hill said...

looks fabby ! bet you cant wait for the dies !