Monday 24 May 2010

Hoo Rah For Hobbycraft.... Hobbycraft Sale that is!

I am poorly again! To cut a long story short they think i am anemic and have a low B12 level which may explain why i am ill SO often, it was a vomiting bug last weekend and this week has been a cold with a ear and chest infection - joy! Off to docs in the morning to see about injections of B12
So today had a little bumble into hobbycraft to cheer myself up, and someone up there must feel sorry for me as it was the first day of their sale! There were no signs up as they had not arrived in time but there were a few bargains i wanted to share! I will share soemthing made tomorow as all i seem to blog lately is crafty shopping!!
So first up was an expensive purchase at 2.99 each MM noteworthy blooms, they were half price and there are muslin, flet and paper flowers in there which look lovely!

Next up is ribbon, i just could not resist the red felt people ribbon, i am picturing it with kraft card and black for valentines day!! it was 99p for 2m and the pink satin ribbon was 25m for 99p WOW! it was the only roll i could find which is a shame!!

I then moved on to raid the 49p dump bin, and these are my findings! There were hundreds of papermania stickers so i picked out all i wanted and then whittled it down from there!!! The self adhesive pearls were also 49p which is a total bargain as i love how quick and easy these are to use!

Next up are these stickers, i picked them up a few weeks ago when they were £1.49 but put them back!! Today they were 99p so i gave in!! a little different from the paperchase and accessorize ones but very cute!

These greetings stickers are from the same range

More findings from the 49p bin (there were 3 bins in our store, a 1.99 one, a 99p one and a 49p one)

I love the felt trims from PM and these really were a bargain!! 4m on each card for... you guessed it 49p!!

Phew! now i need to find a home for it all and get making!!!

Hope you get soemthing great if you pop in to your local store (mine is Wolves by t he way!)

L xXx


Its All Fiddle Fart said...

Oh my god Lisa!!! I wanted those baby/cake/butterfly stickers but I was tight!

Love the little people ribbon, good job I wasn't with you as I would have fought you for it!!!

Unknown said...

BARGINS! Love that red ribbon - so sweet. Looking forward to seeing what you make with that xx

Glen said...

I love to see what you have bought Lisa. *Ü* It's like I've been shopping with you. *Ü* Love those word stickers. I do find HC is too expensive. Here's hoping you feel better very soon. TFS. ~Glen~

lynmcf said...

You are a canny shopper ... that people ribbon is superduper!

Claire said...

Oooh yummy new stash :)