Saturday 15 May 2010

Woohooo!!! Back online and with bargains too!!!

I am back from a long break of no internet connection and have lots of making up to do!!!!
Today i popped and did a bit of mooching and shopping, i have a stall at our summer fair each year and need to get making and get some things finished and under my belt as i will not have much time to craft during the next half term and being at the gym 3 nights a week only gives me Monday and Friday evening to craft!

So anyway, my shopping trip today.... This little lot is from home bargains....

These wooden words were £1.99 and i have brought them to make christmas gifts for family not for the summer fair!!! They are a nice size and i plan to decorate them as pretty ornaments, they only had FAMILY and HOME and i think i got the last of the FAMILY ones but they may do others too

Next up is this little pack of frogs, i think they are tile decorations but i have a frog-prince idea in mind for these!

Shopping would not be shopping without some chocolate!!!
Coins and footballs 59p each, these will make something for the boys as they are always a "problem area"

These may strike you as a little strange, coasters in a tin! But very alterable!!!
I plan to cover with some die cut vinyl decals and decorate the tin to match! Again just 99p

Last up this lovely box of tags (99p), they are lovely and on the reverse have a section to write who your item you attach the tag to was made by, i love them and think they will be lovely for some hand made creations! My mum is a knitter and i am going to pop back and get her a box for her birthday!

L xXx


Unknown said...

What great finds, especially love the box of tags, can't believe the price....bargain

tea_bag said...

What great finds Can hardly wait to see what you do with them hugs alma xx

Hazel said...

You did well with all these goodies x

Katherine said...

Loads of goodies - can't wait to see what you do with the wooden words - they will make great presents.


Claire said...

can't wait to see what you do with those words :)

Jenny said...

I love the wooden words, looking forward to see what your doing with the coasters! xx

Lisa said...

just found your blog WOW!!! cant wait to see what you do with your fab bargains xx