Tuesday 1 June 2010

Summer Fair Prep....

You may recognise these little baskets that i blogged about from the easter hobbycraft sale, well needless to say i brought quite a few!! This one is just for the photos, the ones for my summer fair stall are all pink to match my pink cake stands!! But i needed to "try my prices on" so the purple one was close to hand!

I wanted something quick and eyecatching and i am pleased with these, they are so simple to make, the writing is done on the computer, but you could handwrite it if you were neater than me!! I then simply punched it out with a circle punch and used a glud dot to stick it to a basic wooden clothes peg!

I need to make some more as i was only trialing it but i think it works quite well, i may also make some with the products names on like "sweetie bags 50p" etc

Bye for now
L xXx


Angie said...

A very clever but simple answer to a problem many have faced .

Anne said...

Now that's clever!

Unknown said...

fab idea - works really well and could be used for lots of things,

Paula x x x