Wednesday 2 June 2010

Whats on you workdesk Wednesday???

Not a lot!!! I got these baskets in the hobbycraft sale at easter time, they were about 50p and i have filled them with half finished projects!! I have such a short attention span!!!

so its a tidy, but unfinished workdesk from me, the other 2 desks are far too messy to photograph this week!!!!

Whats on yours?

L xXx


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful space to work in -- I love having lots on the go too!!
Will look forward to seeing some of your lovely ideas finished soon
Kindest Regards Linda

Claire said...

oooh loving all those wooden drawers

Tracey and Paul said...

I love your workspace
is that a glass cutting mat I see ??
I've just bought one of those but not tried it yet , are they any good ??

Lorna :o) said...

Erm, I can't even see my desk at the moment for piles of stuff!

This WOYWDW seems like an idea to get me motivated to clean it. Right now I just take over the coffee table in the living room

Unknown said...

far too tidy!!! Like the idea about putting the UFP's in tho. I'd need quite a few more baskets i think!!

Paula x x x