Wednesday 28 July 2010

An Expensive Mistake-a To Make-a!!!

Oh Dear.... That bog hole you are looking at is a big hole in my Big Shot Pro Crease Mat... All £25 of crease mat!!
I got my sandwhich wrong and did not notice that my acrylic plate was under my die (thus making the whole sandwhich a cutting mat too thick!!) On a notmal die sutter it would just say no thank you and not go through, not the BSP it gobbled it through and after the initial dispair i was quite impressed it went through suck a thick solid material!!! Makes me think that this little baby will cut anything (including cutting mats!!)

Well this little experience has set me back £25.00 so i will not be doing it again in a hurry!!!

L xXx


Sandra said...

oh no!!! oohhhh I think I would have cried. But hey, its not the end of the world, we all make mistakes - and you've made such a great job of hiding it with the tape LOL.

Mishelflos Paper Creations said...

Michelle x