Tuesday 27 July 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!!! Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Hey Bloggers... Fancy a nosey at my Birthday pressies???!

First up is a lovely box from Rob's Mum and Dad, i think the box was really to hold the pressies but i LOVE it and it will end up on a shelf in my craft room for sure!
So what was in the box??????

Some scrummy smelling shower wash, 2 bath puffs (as i call them!) and a fab water bottle with a ice pack built in!!!
I also had some money in my card from them - thank you if you are reading xxx

While i am on thank yous... thank you to everyone who has left happy birthday comments, so so kind of you all xxx

Next up is Robs offering
This first one may seem a little odd to some, but let me explain, at the mo i am really trying hard to diet and be a good gym fairy! Normally i would get a scrummy slab of galaxy, but Rob was really thoughtful and got me a magazine!!! Will have a good read later while polishing my gym fairy halo!

Still on the lines of being a good gym fairy... Rob also got me a heart rate monitor, a few of my friends were schocked and said it was a naff pressie, but it is what i had asked for!!! I wanted something that will tell me how many calories i am burning off when i workout and am hoping this will do the job (it is still in its box as i think it will need a good hour dedicating to it!!
I also got to pick a couple of little crafty bits with what was left of Robs hard earned cash! Rob did also get me some little stud earrings but they are in my ears at the mo so no piccies!

The next pressies is just fab, it is SO me and is of my fab and crazy friend Tina

My mum and grandad gave me money for my bday as i want to get a new camera with it, i am not quite sure which camera yet but i think i will have to sell my current camera to go towards it!!
So if anyone out there is looking for a new camera, i have a very well looked after Fujifilm F60fd which i would be happy to part with for £60 plus postage at cost but i will post seperately about that tomorrow!!!

And i am going to leave you with the envelope to my card from Rob, I love him so much and he knows me so well that he never writes on or seals envelopes so i can use them again

Birthday hugs

Lisa xXx


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday -- so glad you were so pleased with all your presents.
The people who love you actually give you everything every day don't they
Kindest Regards Linda

Di said...

Happy birthday Lisa, i too am trying to lose weight.I find that a friday weigh in with results on my blog keeps me from straying too much. the fact that the weigh in is friday gives a bit of lee way on sat and sun. try it, put it on your blog every friday, i swear i'd have strayed otherwise. Di,x

Sandra said...

Happy Birthday to you ... Happy Birthday to you .. Happy Birthday dear Lisa, Happy Birthday to you. You've got such wonderful presents - and no, that's true love if you ask me, he's helping you achieve your goals, so lovely birthday present. Have fun today (and maybe, just maybe you could have a tiny bit of cake) LOL.