Saturday 21 August 2010

Tutorial & Sandwich for Embossing Wafer Thin Dies in the Big Shot Machine

This tutorial is for BigShot / Big Kick users and uses the multipurpose platform to emboss wafer thin dies. The Dies in the photograph may look different from the dies you have but the sandwich will be the same as outlined below.

You will need:
Big Shot / Big Kick Machine
Multipurpose Platform
2 Cutting Pads
Shapes that have been die cut and left inside die(s) (see instructions below)
2 Silicone Embossing Mats

The sandwich is as follows (from bottom to top - as you would build it)

Multipurpose platform open with no tabs

Add 1 Cutting Mat

Add the dies with the die cut shapes still in them

You will need to have die cut the shapes already in your Big Shot (click HERE for tutorial on cutting them) and left the cut out shapes in the dies ready for embossing

Add 2 Silicone Embossing Mats

Add your second Cutting Mat

This is a pic of everything layered up as it should be, the pics above have been staggered so you can see what has been layered up, make sure that your sandwich is neat and everything fully covers the layer below it before running through your machine

Sandwich re-cap (starting from the bottom)
~ MP platform - No Tabs
~ Cutting Plate / Mat
~ Die(s) with die cut shape remaining inside
~ 2 Silicone Embossing Mats
~ Cutting Plate / Mat

This is now ready to go through your machine

For the first part of this tutorial which is cutting wafer thin dies in the Big Shot click HERE


I have found these dies can be a little hard to clean! and have a few tips to help!

To clear the tiny little bits that are left in the die, please do not tap or bang your die against something like other blogs reccomend, they can easily crack and become damaged, I would also avoid scratching at them with a pokey tool or die pic as this will show up on mirri card if you scratch the die.

Instead i reccomend some scotch or low tack tape, press it on the die and peel away the stuck in bits!!

This tip is also good if the actual die cut shape gets stuck too!

Scuse the terribly-in-need-of-a-fresh-coat-of-paint-nail!!

If I get any questions about this tutorial i will add my responses to the bottom to try and help others who may have the same questions

Don't Forget - for the first part of this tutorial which is cutting wafer thin dies in the Big Shot click HERE
Lisa x


Julia said...

Thanks for this, just got some of these dyes and tryed funky foam but didn't work. Looks like a shopping trip for me!Love the blog btw. julia

Enri said...

thank you so much! I just bought these dies and I was wondering how to correctly emboss !!
greeting from Italy :-)

jean w. said...

Thanks so much for the recipes for using the Marianne Designs dies!!! I loved everywhere for help as the way I attempted to do it was leaving too much in the die. You are awesome and I love the way the butterfly finally came out! Thanks from USA!