Wednesday 18 August 2010

Whoooo Hoooooo I have finished my Chrsitmas shopping!!

Christmas craft shopping that is!! Bet that title made you look twice!!
I do grab little bits all year round but i have got the last few bits i needed when i popped out on Monday!

You may recognise the peeloffs (above) and Stencil (below) from yesterdays project! just a little find from Hobbycraft!

and my other BARGAIN from Hobbycraft is something i have had my eye on for ages, i have wanted this little craft drill as i can not be trusted with an electric one! i had watched it and watched it at its £20 price tag and when i popped in to Hobbycraft it was reduced to £16.99 with a further 30% off on top which was fabby! Watch out things needing (or not needing) hole, here i come!

Next up is sweeties, bon bons for something snowman related and marshmellows for various festive poop!

Not sure what i am going to do with these mini haribo but they were too cute to pass up!!!

Last in my shopping bag was these little princess kits, i made these into goodie bags for the school summer fair and the little girlies loved them!!

Crafty-ness to follow later


L xXx


Anonymous said...

Those sweets wouls never last untouched in my house til Christmas
Lovely ideas as ever

Vikki said...

Hi Lisa, I have a cutting question so thought I would ask you! Someone is passing their craft robo onto me (I can barely contain my excitement!), she said I need to buy a new cutting mat though (A4 machine), I tried ebay but nothing came up. Where can I buy one online?

voodoo vixen said...

I was a bit put out that you managed to finished your Christmas shopping in August!! Love the drill.... everything would have holes in it in my house!

craftygranny said...

Oooh fab goodies . Congrats on finishing your xmas craft shopping . Love the princess kits do you mind telling where you got them.

Lisa Bird said...

Sorry what am i like!?!?
The princess sets are from homebargains and were a bargain price of 89p - you get 4 of each wand, bracelet, hairclip and ring!

craftygranny said...

oooohh thank you i'll have a look asap.

PepPop said...

I'm intrigued to see what you're gonna make with all these, especially the drill... Jaqui x