Wednesday 18 August 2010

Craft Robo Carrier Sheets / Cutting Mats Question

I Have had this question below from Vikki and wanted to answer it where she could find it!

Hi Lisa, I have a cutting question so thought I would ask you! Someone is passing their craft robo onto me (I can barely contain my excitement!), she said I need to buy a new cutting mat though (A4 machine), I tried ebay but nothing came up. Where can I buy one online?

The confusion may be because of the term cutting mat, Graphtec who make the Craft Robo Machines tend to refer to it as a Carrier Sheet. There are now 2 types of carrier sheets so it may be worth finding out which craft robo it is.
If it is one of the first models CC100-20 (blue lid) CC200-20 (grey lid) Then it takes a thicker carrier sheet than the newer models (in my opinion the older carriers are much much better than the new ones!!)
The Newer Models are CC330-20 (white lid) and CC300-20 (pink lid - the lite version) and they take a thinner carrier sheet which is printed with a grid on it

I get my carrier sheets from here as delivery is fast and postage is charged on actual cost!

Hope this helps you Vikki and loads of luck with the Robo, they can be hard work at first but persevere it wil be worth it!

Lisa xXx

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