Tuesday 12 October 2010

Glass Etching Tutorial - Using Die Cut Vinyl and Etching Paste

To start with you will need to die cut your chosed design in Vinyl (if you are unsure about this i am going to try and do some photo tutorials this week for various machines inc Cuttlebug, Bigshot, Robo, Cricut and Slice) I have cut this on the cricut just to use as an example!

You need to "weed" out the design, when etching on glass you only remove the sections that you want to be etched. I use a pokey tool.

Once weeded you should be left with the shape that will be etched on your glass

I always cut a frame around mine as it sort of turns it into a stencil!

I then cover my design in masking tape, you can use low tack tape or Vinyl lift tape too, This makes sure that when you peel your design off of the backing you have something to get everything onto the glass with!

You the stick your design where you would like it on the glass and smooth out

If you look through the back you will get some bubbles and wrinkles but the only ones you need to worry about are the ones on the edge of the design as they may bleed, i rub my nail over mine

Remove the masking tape and check that all edges of the design are stuck well, you are now ready to paint on the etching paste

I use Armour Etch which you can get HERE they also stock Vinyl too!! IT is a nasty little cream and works by eating a layer of the glass, so be very carefull getting it anywhere you are not meant to! If you do get any on the glass you don't want etching you may well have ruiened your projects as it starts to eat right away!

I paint mine on with an old paint brush. I then leave it for 10 min or so and before washing the paste off i scarpe as much paste as i can back in the jar, i have got 70 double sided wine glasses out of a jar so it pays to scrape before you scrub!!
I find washing under luke warm water makes the vinyl easier to peel off

And this is the finished result, impossible to photograph but a great gift!!
Any questions please leave a comment and i will do my best to help you, i will do some tutorials on cutting vinyl using different machines and will post these in the tutorials section in the top right of my blog


Lisa xXx


Beryl said...

This looks fantastic! Must give it a try! Thanks . Beryl x littlebee.

Chrysalis said...

Another lovely, clear tutorial showing a great gift idea for Chrimbo - thanks, Lisa - keep it up! x

furrypig said...

sounds like a great idea thanks for more inspiration!

Adrienne said...

You seriously made this look easy! I am definitely going to try this. One question, can the vinyl stencil be re-used or do you need to make a new one for every item? I am thinking about 300 glasses for my daughters wedding!