Sunday 10 October 2010

Shopping Bag Sunday!

Yesterday I did the Food Shop and also nipped to Home Bargains to try and get some more of the fabric roses that i talked about wednesday to get to use as prizes for my challenges that will be maing a comeback!
And i managed to find a few goodies along the way!

These were a fab little bargain from Morrisons, and were on a 3 for £2 offer making them 66p!! better value than the poundshop!!!
There is nothing in them that i thought i would not use and have actually used some already! The little coffin boxes are fab too as an added  bonus and i will be doing something with those too!!

Ten i popped into home bargains to get my roses (which they had a few left of so i have snaffled a couple of packs for prizes) and found these craft packs, they were 99p and had a set of flocked chipboard alphas, a card kit, some embellies, a set of 3 cards and embellies and some ready made cards that you can add to, I thought i could use bits of these kits for prizes too!

and my bargain of the day were these funky sticker for just 29p per pack!!!
They are a bit of a cross between accessorize and paperchase but for 29p i only need to get one card out of each pack and i think that will be easy peasy!

I got 6 different designs i can not remember if there were any others

I am off to make a couple of card orders and to get the etched glass tutorial soreted so will be back later

Lisa xXx


Twiggy said...

I LOVE those last stickers and must buy some for me, erm I mean Twiglet :)
Twiggy x

akilli melek said...

i just got some of the skeleton ones brought over for me, I've started on a halloween card with mine. I would love to see what you do with them.

Highland Monkey's said...

That's a lovely haul. Whenever I see stickers I never know how to use them so rely on you bloggers to inspire me!! (which you all do by the way :0)

Twiggy said...

Oooo I've got my lovely stickers and kilner jars and given you a name check on my blog hun
twiggy x