Sunday 2 January 2011

Happy New Year :: Crafty Resolutions!

Happy New Year Bloggers xxx

Sorry I have been rubbish with blog posting this holiday, I really do not know where the time has gone and am sadly back to work on Tuesday!
But still it is new year and time to lay myself out some crafty guidelines for the year ahead!

Firstly, the good old stash diet! I have so much stuff that if i didn't crafty shop ever again I would still be able to make stuff!! So I am officially on a stash diet (and a food diet too actually!) I am only going to let myself buy items that i will get good use of, namely dies and punches! No paper is to be purchased but i may organise a swap on here later in the year for any other "dieters" that fancy a change!
I have also had a little sort out and will be adding a page to this blog with some pre loved craft items looking for a new home!

I do not know what 2011 will bring, I would love it to bring me a crafty opportunity, my dream is to work in the craft industry but i think that will always be a dream, if the chance came along i think i would grab it with both hands and see where it would take me, but until then its back to the day job!

I want to blog everyday! I love blogging and have some really lovely followers (thank you x) and want to offer something for you everyday, I want to do more tutorials and handy tips too so if you want to see certain things let me know!

It has been a fairy daydream of mine to open an etsy shop, i am not sure what i will put in it, just little things that i make - but i am going to do it this year!

I also want to take part in a few more swaps and raks too!

My non-crafty resolutions and wishes are quite simple, I need to get my bum down that gym, which means managing my time much better! I think i will go to the gym straight from work, its easier that way, it means i will not get in the house until 6.30 most nights which will be hard but it is a routine i need to get into, which may mean Mr Fairy learning how to cook!

Linked to my gyming is dieting, i think i am going to do a little section in my sidebar and just post my weekly losses for those crafters who may be doing similar to see. Calorie counting can me long winded when you have to do lots of weighing but it works for me as i can measure what is going in and then what i am burning off in the gym - top tip - write everything down!
I am not joining a club for my diet like i have done in the past, my time is too precious! But i will weigh in at the gym weekly and blog my progress! We have a bit more junk to eat so I will be weighing in Wednesday and starting Thursday - all junk after that will be fed to Mr Fairy!

Well that's quite a long post for me!

Would love to hear your resolutions and if you are on a stash diet too!!

Lisa xxx


kay said...

good luck with your resolutions,will keep checking in to see how you are doing,x

VPlum said...

Fab resolutions! I was thinking of going on a stash diet too - there's just a couple of things I want before I start....

I too shall be on a food diet. I can't count calories either, but as a diabetic I have to count carbs (which is equally as dull).

Good Luck!!!!

kitty said...

Hi Lisa, Good Luck with all your resolutions, I love all your creations. I to am on a stash diet, no more crafting items can be purchased, unless of course it is an absolute must ...............
Love Kitty x

Anj said...

Hi Lisa - thanks so much for your blog - i love my daily visit (even if you don't manage a daily entry). i think a diet stash is a brilliant idea - but will just nip to Hobbycraft sale before i start and cricut cartridges are calories free(lol!). All the best for 2011 love Anj x x x

Unknown said...

Happy New Year Lisa! Your resolutions are pretty similar to mine - good luck, I will keep an eye on how you do - I will be doing a sidebar weigh-in update too!

stamping Sue said...

Hi Lisa Happy new year did you get my pm though docrafts just was wondering if you could help me out with some info on the new slice elite machine I see you have one and would love to know what you think of it. thanks from Sue

Di said...

Lisa, good luck with the resolutions. Blogging your weight loss definitely helps. I've been doing a friday weigh in on my blog and i know if i didn't do this i wouldn't have kept the diet up. I lost over a stone. about 5 lbs has gone back on in the last 2 weeks but the public weigh in will get it back off.

Anonymous said...

Hiya Lisa, I love looking at your page you are very talented. I am to firstly on a Craft diet and secondly to get the 6lb off that I have gained over the last few months! Keep up the good work. Take Care Joe xx