Thursday 24 February 2011

Easter Crafting :: Whats in the Shops??

I have been having a mooch over half term for things to make eater gifts from and thought I would share my findings!!

These little lindt bunnies are 3 for £1 in tesco right now and i think will be cute in a little decorated box

These easter choc bars are also £1 in tesco, they could be decorated or used in an easter grab bag!

These are my favourit-ist - so cute, 16 in a net, again £1 from tesco

Haribo jelly bunnies, in a multipack for £1.00 from home bargains, great for little gift bags and boxes!

And these nets of eggs and bunnies are also from home bargains at just 59p per net

I will be cracking on (geddit?!?) with easter soon so will show you my makes too!!

Lisa xXx


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing. I agree the Lindt rabbits would look gorgeous in bunny baskets! x

Anj said...

can't wait to see the results - I lurve Lindt Bunnies. Morrisons are doing nets of Easter Chocolate coins - think they are £1 - lovely colours too.