Friday 25 February 2011

Dies Dies Everywhere!!!!

This shelf here was the next subject of my de-clutter!!
I love dies but they do take up lots of room, i try not to let mine spread further than this shelf and after seeeing the new releases from sizzix this week (see sundays post) i know room needs to be made!!!
To i have put my ruthless hat on and had a sort out
The pic is an "after" pic it was a state before!

it is a hard shelf to photograph so i have done it in 3 snippets!
below is the pile i was left with

not everything in this pic is destined for ebay, but most of it is!!

Its been a while since i took a pic of molly in her flower bed, she has been helping with the declutter along with a rather grubby moo cow and sausage dog too!


Sandra said...

Well firstly I thought the lovely dies would keep me happy reading and looking at your blog post ... but nope, it's the gorgeous molly that has left me smiling ...

Ohhh Snap said...

Molly is gorgeous, and Grrtrude says she would like a flower bed as well. only she's a bit larger. Love the helpers. Looking forward to seeing your new dies when they arrive. I only have a handful, but how I pine for the Tim Holtz dies lol. TFS

Jovita @ Inky Impressions said...

That is a lot of dies and you have them so nicely organized... love the little dog sitting in a flower bed.