Wednesday 4 May 2011

Just a little bump...

Just a little bump!!!

I have had a sort out in my craft room which makes me happy!! I still have some goodie bags left (link on the right) if anyone was deliberating over one!! And do also have a few more things that i want to put up for sale too... mainly little things that I will add to my for sale page, but I also have a brand new sewing machine for sale.....
It has never been used as it just looks too complicated for me! I have a mega basic one and was brought the one I am selling but i just find it had too many options and daunts me!!
It is a Toyota SA53 RS2000 Model, it comes with a cover and pedal and with all the tools / feet/ needles etc in the compatment on the machine. The pedal and power lead are still in the platic bag they were packaged in and as i said the machine has never been used!
I have seen well used RS2000 Series machines selling for £60 - £120 So am asking £90 (including postage) for this machine as it is new - It is quite heavey so think it will cost a fiar bit to post!!
•Electric with Foot Control
•Built in Carry Handle
•Converts to Free Arm
•Front Loading Bobbin
•Easy Threading
•Straight Stitch
•Adjustable Stitch Length
•Zig Zag Stitch
•Push Lever Reverse
•18 Automatic Stitches
•Automatic Buttonholes
•Blind Hem
•Elastic Stitch
•Overlocking Stitch
•Sews in Zips
•Automatic Bobbin Winder
•Built in Light
I can not find the instructions, but you could probably download these if needed
If you are interested please email me -

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