Tuesday 3 May 2011

To Blog or not to Blog... Continued

Sorry to excite some with todays post, It was a scheduled one that I must have done over the holidays!
But today I have had time to think, I have had a terrible upset tummy today as has Mr Fairy so we are putting it down to last nights Bank Holiday takeaway! I am still feeling really week and rough but have tried something to eat and am just waiting now... to see what happens!
Anyway! Back to the blog! I think time is the biggest thing that gets to me, so I am going to make my posts less wordy, a bit like the post today... I don't want to cut down on photos as i hate it when I look at other peoples blogs and there are only one or two photos and i just want more, I want my blog to be visual!

I had some lovely comments from blog readers (*waves* Thank You x) and many suggested challenges, which is something I am going to have a go at, but will need to be a weekend job! If you know of any good challenges you think would fit my style and that i can enter of a weekend please do let me know!

So normal service should resume shortly, once i feel better ergghh think i need my bed!


VPlum said...

Yay so glad you are continuing to blog! Hope you feel better soon x

bonnie said...

I love your blog ;) hugs x

bonnie said...

Sending you get well wishes :) x

Unknown said...

Glad you will keep blogging, hope you feel better soon :)
Hayley x

Anonymous said...

I think your creativity should be matched by your blogging. Enjoy both and be happy x

TAM said...

Glad to hear you are not leaving us - take care and hope you get well soon

Di said...

Hope you feel better soon Lisa! I think Linda above says it really - don't be driven by your blog, just create and post when you want to. Being top of eg. Crafty Blogs shouldn't drive you if you want to take it easier. Followers will still pop in whenever they see you've posted. Hugs, Di!!

And guess what, those SU punches I got from you (circle and scallop) have just punched 2,000 circles between them!! Def. a great buy :))

Caroline said...

Hope you feel better soon x
I love your blog, its what inspired me to have another go at mine!
Im like you, I love lots of photos and just the important wording about what products you use.
Most of my visitors find me by searching images anyway!

I added crafty blogs widget, but am thinking of removing it. 90% of my 600+ per month visitors are not from the UK anyway. It is a bit pointless and demoralising at times.

Cant wait to see what other fab ideas you have ahead. x

Di said...

Summed up beautifully by LaceTopDesigns! Di x