Friday 19 August 2011

Glass Etching Using a Die Cutting Machine :: Q&A

I have had a couple of glass etching questions of late
Firstly for those who have no idea what i am talking about - this was my original tutorial HERE

Can you use the vinyl stencil more than once?I have etched single glasses for presents and glasses well into the hundreds for weddings, due to the nature of the stencil and the way it goes on and is used you can only use it once

What Cream do you use for etching?I have only ever tried one etching cream, it works so well that i have not tried any others! I use Armour Etch

How long does the etching cream last?
I have done over 400 glasses (for a wedding) from my current pot of which there is a tiny bit left so it really does go a long way - the instructions tell you to put lots on but i put mine on quite sparingly and also scrape it back into the tub where i can!

What Vinyl can you use?
Sign writers vinyl is perfect as is the cricut vinyl now sold to do wall art and make peel offs with - colour is not important as it only ends up in the bin!

What machines can you use?
I have done this technique using a cricut, craft robo, slice, big shot and a cuttlebug, you just need a suitable shape to use but this technique is not limited to electric cutters you can run vinyl through the cuttlebug and bigshot too!

Well i hope that has been a help to some of you xxx

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