Sunday 4 September 2011

Too many dies..... Could this be the solution?

As many of you know I am a mega die cutting fan!!
But as my collection grows and grows i find sometimes i get a little stuck for ideas as i have too much to choose from or i find that dies i have really wanted go on my shelves and collect dust..... So I needed to find a solution!

And I am hoping this is it! it is an 8"x5" index card box, I got it from ebay for around a fiver posted
My plan is that from now on as i use an old die, or get a new one i will cut an extra one and pop it in my box

The plan being that when i want to work on a card i can grab my box and layer up the shapes i have cut from scraps to see how they would work together then i can get the dies out and cut the shapes if they work, I think this will let me get much more use from my dies!

I have already made a start and just written on the die cut what die was used

I like it as i can see if something will fit or work without hunting down the die and cutting it out first!

Just an idea i wanted to share with you, it ay not work for everyone but it may help some of you get a little more from your dies!

Lisa xXx


sue said...

What a brilliant idea and so simple - they say that the best ideas are the simplest ones. I'm sure it will save you lots of time in the future.

Diane said...

Brilliant idea!!

Bumblebee said...

Great idea, I ordered my polymer stamps yesterday in a folder, and am tempted to stamp them all out in different categories to make sure I make the most out of them. Have you ever been tempted to get an electronic die cutter like a cricut or craftrobo? I only have a few dies, but they can be really expensive!

Tracey and Paul said...

great idea, simple but effective