Thursday 18 July 2013

Any thrifty crafters out there????

Hi there!
I have been so busy this week I have not had a spare moment to blog! But hopefully change is afoot! This year I have gone from a full time job which I dropped down to part time to take on another part time role I was offered out of the blue, so working full time hours between 2 jobs has meant a very hectic life and it wasn't sustainable so this week was the last week of my notice period and next week my first week with just one part time job!
It was not an easy decision and will mean cut backs and lots of planning! We need to budget and plan meals to start with and see what that brings! This also means a bit of thrifty crafting too!
I have plenty of stash so will continue my clear out but would love some thrifty tips!
Lisa x


PinkyOwl said...

Beg, steal and borrow (without returning)! I ask everyone I know if they have any bits and bobs going spare, so I've got LOADS of bags of random crap haha I'm sure I'll find a use...

Christmas Pie Crafts said...

How about trying your local freecycle for crafty bits - always lots of goodies such as curtains, cushions, sheets. Think of all the wonderful things you could make for free with them.

Julye said...

I like recycling, I cut the ribbon loops from clothes the ones that supposedly keeps them on hangers, they are usually long enough to go on cards or tie sweet little bows.

You could always start a stamp swap club and that way you could get lots of new images.