Wednesday 12 August 2009

new craftroom.........

For the past week or so Rob and I have been working on a new craft room for me, at the moment i am in the smallest bedroom, Robs dad built me a custom work bench in there and i have been using it happily for about 5 years!!
As the 5 years have passed i have gathered more and more crafty bits and with the development of craftfairies website i have out grown my room.
So a decision was made to clear out the spare room and move into there as it really was a wasted room with much more space!!

So i am going to blog the progress of my room!

At the moment the current craft room is bearly accessible as boxes of stuff have been packed in there so we can move about in the spare room (craft room to be!!)

We are on a pretty tight schedule as Rob only has 2 weeks off of work, and i go back to my job in a school at the start of September and want to be moved in by then!

This is how the room looked at the start of the week, this is the only angle you can see at the moment as the room still has furniture in it!!

it looks ok, but when we had the house re-wired the electrician just ripped huge chunks of wallpaper and plaster out! Every wall in our house is a different pattern of textured wallpaper and it is a nightmare to remove, getting the paper off is not so bad but it is the scrubbing of the walls after!
There is a pink layer then a really thick yellow layer and then the plaster, as we are painting we need to get back down to the plaster, this means scrubbing the walls with scouring sponges and sugar soap! Its flipping hard work too!!!!

This was the wall after we stripped the paper, you can see the pink layer.

This is the wall after Yesterdays work.... Scrubbing!!! it is now ready to have holes and cracks filled by super Rob, plasterer extraordinaire!!!!! This is the wall that my 5x5 expedit will go along
This is another wall we stripped yesterday, it needs a bit more work than the other wall!!! this is the wall my desk will run along

Today Rob has filled and plastered some of what needed doing, he had to stop as some of the gaps are too deep and will need a second layer once dry!
I would just like to say, the window is in a pretty manky state, but we do not have the money to replace that and furnish the room, so look out as once i am in there will be some ebaying to be done for the window fund!

you will have to lean your head to the left for this one as i didn't have time to turn it around in photoshop - if blogger can do this please someone tell me how!!!

And this was my job today..... more scrubbing!!! it is so tiring and all my muscles in my arms and legs hurt from yesterdays session!!!
This is the wall my billy bookcase is going to go....most of my furniture is going to either come from Ikea or my existing craft room.
You can see in my in-between pic the difference between the layers, the depressing thing is i think every room in the house is going to be like this!! Oh Well only the living room, dining room, hall, landing, stairs and bedroom to go!!!

Right that is it for today!! i am shattered and Rob needs feeding!!!

See you tomorrow when i hope to have conquered another wall!!


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Naomi (Sugar Brown) said...

Good luck with your new craft room. Looks like you have a lot of hard work ahead of you.