Monday 26 July 2010

Oh Such a Terrible Blogger!!

Firstly I really feel the need for the total abandonment of my blog!! It truely has been neglected and my readers have been too!! So big huge sorries from me!
The end of term was a very very manic one, so much so that i am in the office this week trying my bestest to catch up on all those jobs that didn't get done last week!

But on Sunday morning after we had paid our 8am visit to the gym i took myself off to the local car boot, just me! The weather was nice and the boot was huge i wandered for 2hours and didn't get round it all!! But i have taken a few pics of the bits i did get... Above is a pic of a bracelet, i have seen these in primark for a couple of quid, but this cost me just 50p and will be great dismantled and used as spacer beads for making bracelets!

My next bargain was ribbon....

Each little bundle was 10p, i brought all 5 bundles as i thought this thickness of ribbon is parfect for tags and with, dare i say it, Christmas coming up i thought i would make some special gift tags.

My next bargain was hairbands, i wanted to jazz some up to wear in my hair and these were 3 for £1 which was cheap enough for me to make a disaster of!!

But as i went to pay the man behind the stall gave me the ones beloww as a little freebie Wow! some people are so kind!!!

There were a few other bargains to be had, i got a scrabble game for 50p - i only wanted it for the letters so that was a great price!

I also got this wonderful A-Z, i looked through it and can not find a date of print but i think it will be lovely on cards and used to make flowers and embellishments

I am really loving this vintage-y look and was even thinking of making some little vintage embellishments to sell in a little etsy shop, what do you think? I am loving re-using and re-cycling at the mo and would love to put this into making some fab recycled embellies to adorn cards and layouts

Well that is a huge blog post to make up for my absence, it is my Birthday tomorrow, i will be 26!!! I don't really enjoy birthdays so much these days, I guess it is when i miss home the most, i was feeling really down earlier because my cards from my mum and grandad had not arrived, but earleir this evening a neighbour dropped them round as they had been delivered to his by mistake so I feel a little happier now!!

L xXx


Hazel said...

Great bargains! I love the A-Z, i think using it for Etsy stuff is a brilliant idea. Happy birthday for tomorrow x

ps lovely nails :D

Sandra said...

Wishing you a very happy birthday for tomorrow. And loving the bargains you got, well done.

Niki said...

WOW, loving the bracelet. I love bootfairs, but am not usually lucky enough to find crafty bits. The idea of making embellishments out of the A to Z is great and now I will look out for maps when I next go to a bootfair, thanks for the idea :)

Anonymous said...

Just want to wish you a very Happy Birthday x

Ella said...

this is a dead interesting post:)
you got some amazing bargins
your idea for the a-z is fantastic
happy birthday for tomorrow, well today now, i hope you have a fabulous day!

debb said...

Wonderful finds! Happy Birthday!

Jenny said...

Know what you mean, my blog hsd been neglected over the last two months!

Love that A-Z! Need to try and nab mum's old one! *lol* xx

Jenny said...

Oh knickers! For got to add HAPPY BIRTHDAY! xxx

Unknown said...

Glad your back - i like you updates!. Great car boot finds - love the idea of scrabble letters for 50p!!!