Sunday 31 January 2010

Fancy a Hug?? A Hug in a Mug, that is!

One of the things I made at Christmas was snowman soup, infact I made tons of the stuff!!!
Well once I had done my christmas stalls I had a few left over, i was aware that the hot choc and marshmellows sell by dates were towards the end of 2010 so would not be suitable to keep until this Christmas so i needed to come up with a quick re-use of them as i could never drink that much hot choc!

This is what i have come up with, a hug in a mug!
I have used mini marshmellows that i had alreads re-packaged into little heat sealed bags, hot choc sachets and some love tokens that i got from Home Bargains (9 for 39p i think) on the reverse of the tokens is just and embossed heart which is the side I chose to use!

I printed the cards on the comp, I did 2 designs as i wanted one suitable for the boys on valentines day!

I got 6 printed cards from one A4 sheet and packaged them in slim poly bags
The red ones were accented with some heart gems

And the bear ones with some tiny silver stars!

This idea could be adapted for items throughout the year


Lisa x

Saturday 30 January 2010

I do get some funny looks when out shopping....

I thought I would show you some pics of a little shopping spree I had last night!!
I went down to our local retail park after work and got a few things that will keep me occupied over the coming weeks!

The pic above is my haul from hobbycrafts, the little baskets are an easter make i am going to do, the beads are for some bracelets i want to make - just simple glass beads on an elastic cord to bulk up craft stalls i plan on doing this year! the flower ribbon was brought to be used with a die i have my mind on. The black ink was brought to try with my QK letterpress that arived today! Can't wait to try it and of course i will tell you what i think here! And the red polka dot embellies i just could not resist!

Some socks, again i have a gift idea for these so watch this space! These were from a shop called B and M homestore, i am not sure if there are many around but its a bit like a wilkos

The rest of my haul is from a shop called Home Bargains, it is a great little shop that often has some great goodies for making pressies and altering.
Jelly beans, my boss has aske me to do soe party favors for his daughters birthday so i plan to use these for those!

Choc coins...always come in useful when making gifts!

These were a bargain, 29p!!! I plan to make them into covered choc bars for easter!

Choc lollies, again i plan to transform these little beauties into a easter gift!

And candles (these are what i got the stranges look for - why would anyone want so many candles!?) I have a little gift idea for these so watch this space!

Well that is me all shopped out for this month i think...better get making!

Lisa x

Friday 8 January 2010

Quick Christmas Cards...

Just a couple of cards I made for a friend for Christmas

This one is a simple Cricut card with distressed edges and mini jems!

And this one used some KandCo stickers mounted on to a scallop Square (punched with the stampin up scalloped square punch) and the writing was cut on my cricut

Lisa xXx

Thursday 7 January 2010

A Quick and Quirky Gift...

Yes another Christmas Gift!!!
BUT i think the poem could easily be adapted to a birthday one!!

Hope you can read the poem here

Just a little cookie cutter in a cello bag with a little bag of pretty sprinkles and a printed bag top

Hugs Lisa xXx

Wednesday 6 January 2010

Snowman Soup, Christmas Chocs and Teabag Gifts!

I know Christmas is a distant memory now, but i still have a few chrsitmas bits to blog, mainly for myself so i have some christmas inspiration for next year!

Snowman soup, hot chocolate, candy cane, marshmellows, mug...DONE!

These little goodie bags of choccy splendidness made great stocking fillers, just bag toppers made from scraps of card and seals made with my favourite stampin up punch

And Last but not least, little teabags in boxes with a little poem! The stamp in from the fun and fast notes set by stampin up! I love it with the little flat backed jems on it!

Tuesday 5 January 2010

Sorry...Another Christmas Card...

Sorry i will have all of my chrsitmas cards out of the way by the end of the week! PROMISE!

This is the biggest card i have ever made!! It is made from a sheet of A3 card folded in half so the front is A4 in size!!!

Distressed edges, die cut tree and letters, pearls and glitter - not much to it but it looked nice and i know it made the mother in question cry which is lovely IYKWIM!

It was not for my mum but for a friend who ordered 10 christmas cards from me!

Monday 4 January 2010

My Favourite Christmas Card...

This year I did not make a batch of christmas cards, I was just too busy with all of the gifts I was making for my familiy and also for a school fair i took part in just before christmas - hence my lack of blogging which means I do have a few christmas things to show you this week!
However i did have 11 personalised christmas cards to make for one of my regulars

I just love this card, it is quite rare that i make a card that I don't want to give away but this was one, it is just so me!

L xXx

Sunday 3 January 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR! :: Resolutions too...

Happy New Year Everyone!

Hope you enjoyed both Christmas and New Year celebrations...  Yes it has been that long since i blogged!!!
Which brings me nicely on to my resolutions! Maybe if i blog them i have more chance of sticking to them!

Resolutions for 2010
1. Diet...same resolution every year! I am going to try out the new Rosemary Conley diet plan...will keep u updated!
2. STASH Diet... I have way too much stuff so i intend to have a clear out and go on a good stash diet. If i do want something like a die :o) then i have to make enough cards or gifts from it to pay for itself, same goes for punches but there is no need for me to buy anymore paper, stickers, embellishments etc tools only!
3. Be a better blogger! I intend to update this blog and my stampin up blog at least once a day between them, but i am aiming to do both every day!
4. Excercise... i have room for the Wii and Wii fit up here now if i move 2 of my desks (they are on wheels so its not too hard!)
5. Be more tidy, i can totally trash my craft room in less than half an hour!! I need to be more of a tidy crafter!

I will bring you updates of my resolutions for the year regularly, feel free to send me a comment if you think i am not trying hard enough!

Right then... resolution 3 - better blogger... i am off to upload some photos!

Hugs and sympathy or those of us who have to go back to work tomorrow! I wish i had a crafty job!
L xXx