Friday 30 April 2010

Bath bomb in a box and some choccy thrown in for good measure...

This week i have a fab selection of quirky football theamed goodies to show you! They were all made for an 18th birthday where 18 little gifts were given, most of which were made by me!

First up is a bath bomb in a box! The box is a sizzix shaker box embellished with some Wolves gift wrap!!
Inside is a sparkley gold bathbomb, these were a fab find last year in home bargains - 4 or 6 for 99p and the parfect size for my shaker box!

And also a covered choc bar....keeping with the theam!


Lisa xXx

Thursday 29 April 2010

Birthday Chocolate Lolly - With Tutorial...

Another little birthday gift... it started life as a chocolate lolly - they type you get in supermarkets bundled in 4 wrapped in foil with a image printed on it

I don't remove the foil just pop a little sleeve over it to embellish, below is a how to on the sleeve

Cut your card down to 14cm x 5cm

Push to the right end of the score board and score at 21cm, 22cm, 27cm and 28cm

Punch a hole (i used my cropadile) in the centre of the short fold between 27cm and 28cm and put DST or ATG on the flap from 28cm onwards to secure

The greeting was punched from a printed greeting i did on the computer and mounted on a scalloped circle punched with the stampin' up scalloped circle punch


Lisa xXx

Wednesday 28 April 2010

Birthday Money...

This was a quick and straight forward make, and would be great all year round as it is very adaptable to suit any age

The topper is printed on the computer but could easily be done with die cut letters, stickers or even hand written!

The little gold spots are actually coins from some pirate confetti but just filled the gap nicely!


Lisa xXx

Tuesday 27 April 2010

Football Chocolates

Really pleased with how these turned out!!

I made 5 mints and they fit perfectly into a pretzel or lolly sized poly bag

the mints are elizabeth shaw mints and i have used the stampin' up scalloped circle punch which fits them perfectly!
The footballs are a QK die cut which i use so much for mans cards etc!


Lisa xXx

Monday 26 April 2010

Yesterdays bargain...dismantled!!!!

Take one bargain necklace, attack it with some wire cutters, and voila! 25 little sparklers!

I chopped through each of the little jump rings that held the necklace together with my wire cutters, tossing the chain into my bead box as it may come in handy one day!

And i was left with 25 little embellishments

i wanted to use the flowers as brad spacers for flower embellishments but some of the holes were a little small, but the flowers were no match for my cropadile!!

before and after cropodile pics! they punched through suprisingly effortlessly (if thats a word!)

Here is how they look used as brad spacers.........

they seem to fit both modern and dainty designs........

Hope you like them and you are able to grab a cheap necklace if the mood takes you

Lisa xXx

Sunday 25 April 2010

A Hidden Crafty Bargain

At first glance this looks like a necklace, a bit like the primark butterfly one i dismantled a while ago!
I found it while mooching around the george section in ASDA and could not resist, its not easy to photograph but is gold in colour

At its full price of £5 it is a bit pricey when you plan to take it to bits! But reduced to £2.50 and dismantled you get 25 seperate embellishments!

here is a little sneak of the necklace all chopped up!  25 lovely bits, i plan to use most of them for brad spacers on pretty flowers but the lovely 3d butterflies and the dainty leaf have something else planned for them!

I will take some more pics of the dismantled bits tomorrow and some flowers i have made with them so pop back!

Lisa xXx

Saturday 24 April 2010

Floral Dad Card...

Another project using my prescious woodgrain cardstock!

Embellished with some tiny flowers and some little rock stickers that were left over from a jolees pack

letters were cut on my cricut and mounted on foam pads for some dimension

Thursday 22 April 2010

Party Bags... with a strange Christmas air about them!!!

These party bags were made for a friend at works little boys party, he was having a power ranger party so i went for bold, but looking at the pics they do looks a little festive!

Each bag had a little choc lolly decorated with a scalloped thank you topper

There was also a streamer whistle type thing in there too

Everything was snuggled in with some green tissue to make the contents a mystery!


Lisa xXx