Tuesday 30 November 2010

How Fast????

Remember yesterday I mentioned the Craft Works Cards Goodie Bag offer??
Well look what was waiting for me when i got home from work today (in the snow!!)
And they really were a bargain!!

I got 4 packs as the postage was so great, I had had a purple one from the NEC so knew how much stuff was in there and there is a great varity!!


Monday 29 November 2010

It Pays To Have A Spare....

.....But if you don't have a spare then it pays to have access to a  lovely online store like http://www.countryviewcrafts.co.uk/ who send you one out the very next day!!!!

I was embossing some stencils for chrimbo cards and my plate cracked a tiny bit, most people would have stopped but not me!! I carried on and whizzes another set through and heard 3 loud snaps..... ooooops!!

It even cut into my embossing mat, but these are tough little cookies and it did not go all the way through!!!

on a brighter note..... I may have succumbed to a little shopping today...

Craft Work Cards have a fab offer on today for their goodybags with lots of scrummy stuff in... I may have ordered one or 2 of them!!!
When i put them in my cart i thought postage would be dear but it was only £1.95 - what a treat!

L x

Sunday 28 November 2010

Christmas Gift Idea :: Reindeer Noses Sweetie Bags

These did not turn out quite how I wanted, mainly due to the shortage of red pom poms in my local Hobbycraft Store, coupled with the worlds most unhelpfull sales assistant to whom i asked "excuse me, do you have and more of these (point to tag) red pom poms" and she responded "we have just had a big delivery, if we do have any they could be anywhere" and walks off!!!! Shocking customer servie from a store who usually go out of their way to help... heres hoping she was only a festive temp!
Anyway I digresss.... I wanted red pom poms but had to improvise with some glitter foam which i die cut with the smallest nestabilities circle i had!

You may remember the noses sweets from THIS shopping bag saturday post

I have not done noses before, i think if i had some more time i would have made little antlers to go on the bag toppers but my stall is a week Monday so i am really pushed for time

I print the bag toppers on my little canon inkjet printer and then cut them out on my big shot express, I used Go Kreate Concentrics Frilly Square #1 die for the bag toppers, the largest die in the set of 4 fits perfectly on a 3"x5" cello bag

I cut the shape so i can see where i am cutting and then score in half, sticking the topper to the bag using my atg gun (double sided tape works well too)

Hope you like them
Lisa xXx

Saturday 27 November 2010

Shopping Bag Saturday - Home Bargains for Christmas Makes!

I ventured out today (in the snow....well only a dusting!!) to go and get a couple of long sleeved tops...I only have one since i have lost some weight and its getting quite chilly!
While i was out i could not resist a pop in to home bargains!
The cookie cutters above were 99p for 6, great for attaching to jars of cookie mix or for this idea HERE

These christmas list pads were 59p I plan to make a little board for these to go on, but that may not be for this christmas the rate i am working at!

Another 59p buy... some christmas embellishment stickers, these will be handy for some quick tags me-thinks!

I also got some festive tissue, great for lining little baskets and boxes with handmade gifts in them

And these jingle bells are my best buy, 4 for 99p and they are huge almost 2" in size!

Some more cookie cutters loose ones this time they had lots of festive designs, these are the ones i used last year for my cookie cutter gifts (link above) but i just gor stars this year as i want to do some birthday gifts with them and starts can be an all year round kinda thing!

Last up these chocs, a great alternative to the elizabeth shaw mints for scalloped punch projects, there are 39 of these in a box for 1.99 with a mixture of dark mint and milk orange

Phew, thats my bag empty!
Hope you can grab some bargains in your store!
Lisa xXx

Friday 26 November 2010

Name Card - Using Making Memories Slice Elite

My regular blog readers will know that i normally make my "name" cards using my cricut, but since i have just got my replacemnt Slice Elite I thought ohhh I wont faff about setting my cricut up ill do it on my slice!
I am still getting used to the sizes so I cut it from scrap paper first and laid it out on my card blank (which is A4 folded lengthways)

The patterned paper is a thick glittered paper called "stomp" from MME it has so lovely blokey papers in that stack with some dinosaurs thrown in for good measure!

I inked the edges of all of the letters but am a little new to this inking lark and should have inked more as it did fade a little but it looked nice as the ink does not stick to the glossy glittered bits so looked really nice!

The corners were finished with some card candy that i got in a craftworks cards kit from the NEC

I always stick my letters on with 3d pads to give a bit of dimension!
I have since got the just chillin card for my slice so i think i may add a little something to this card!

I really like a nice simple font, these were cut a 31/2 inches i think but look nice and were lovely clean cuts!

Lisa xXx

Thursday 25 November 2010

Snowflake Shaker Christmas Card - Using Tim Holtz Snow Flurries On the Edge Die - With Tutorial

I had been really looking forward to this die arriving but when it came it was larger than i was anticipating and did not fit in with the idea I had in mind, so it was back to the drawing board and this is what I came up with. I am not entirely happy with the card, but i like the concept so it needs a little tweaking but as i had taken step by step pics i thought i would blog it anyway!

Firstly cut a sheet of A5 card in half (or A4 into quarters), then you need to cut the card using the on the edge dies at each edge,  pointing in to the middle of the card leaving a frame all around the edge of the card

Here is a pic of the die to give you more of an idea of how it cuts
I get most of my dies from http://www.countryviewcrafts.co.uk/ and they do have this one in stock HERE

Next take a craft knife and a ruler and cut along the short edges of the piece of card to create a thin frame and enable you to remove the centre pannel....

This is what you should be left with

You will then need a sprakly backing card and a piece of acetate just a mm or two smaller than the card you have die cut.
Turn the die cut panel over so that the front is away from you and attach the actate to the back of the panel with double sided tape or ATG

Next you need to create a frame all around the edge of the back of the die cut piece using foam tape, It is important that all the edges join up so that there are no gaps and also that you can not see the tape when you turn it over.

For the next part i have used some glittery fake snow, but if i was to do this agian i think i would just use glitter and sequins as i think it will shake a little easier

Sprinkle a little of your filling onto the acetate, try to avoid getting any on the sticky parts of the tape!
Next you need to attach your sparkly backing to the back of the die cut piece (sparkly facing the glitter / snow filling) you should then be left with a neat little sandwhich and when you turn it over and give it a shake it should be all pretty!!

To complete the card all you need to do is mount it on to a card blank, i have mounted mine onto a card blank of the same size but you could mount it on a larger one and leave a border, as i said i need to experiment with this idea as i am not totally happy with it!

I finished mine off with a little ribbon as i thought it neede something!!

Not sure which way up it should go though!!

I hope you have a go and if you do i would love to see your results!
Feel free if you do have a go to link to the tutorial

Lisa xXx

Wednesday 24 November 2010

Whats on Your Workdesk Wednesday?!?

This week.... Lots of earrings drying out!!! I made some very quick earrings last year to fill a gap on my christmas stall at school and they went down well so i am doing another batch to top my basket up a little bit!!

So there is earring stuff everywhere!

I just use little cabouchons, buttons and beads

I have not been very well so just cleared a little space that i could do something that didn't involve much moving in!! I am on the mend but not 100% Thank you for all of the get well wishes from bloggers it is so nice xxx

Tuesday 23 November 2010

Ooooh Lookie Here, Lots of New Go Kreate Dies

These little lovelies arrived today, how exciting!!
The are made in here in the UK by Go Kreate they make lots of different dies, including the oh so cute Boo Bear dies you may have seen on my cards from time to time!
If you have not seen them before they are a little bit like nestabilities, but in my (not quite professional) opinion they are a lot less flimsy and roughly pressed as the nestabilities. They are also cheaper which is a bonus in anyones books!!
If you have not heard of them before check out the Go Kreate Website

The large set are the biggest dies you will get through the cuttlebug and bigshot, great for card blanks and mini books!

The small concentric dies are just perfect for my little 3x5 sweetie bag toppers and will make a nice change to my nesties

I keep all of my thin metal dies like these on magnetic foam sheets for easy storage so i have taken some pics of them out of the packet so you can see exactly what the look like, these XL Frame dies will go through cuttlebugs and big shots giving you the biggest cuts possible! Great for mini albums or card blanks and notelets, I also think some huge sweetie bags may be in order for christmas!

The concentrics dies come in sets of four dies and are just the right size for 3x5 bag toppers and card and scrapbooking mats

Thes ones ( frilly square #3) are really really pretty!!!

IF you like the look of these you can order directly from the Go Kreate Website but they are also available in various online craft stores too!

Keep your eyes peeled for some makes with these very soon!

L xXx

Happy Birthday Tag - Using Another IKEA Snovita Tag!!

Did you see my christmas tag made using the lovely IKEA Snovita tags yesterday???
Well todays offering is a birthday tag, although i do think it is still a little festive!

As I said yesterday - the tags were a great buy at 99p, you get 12 - 4 of each colour
The red and the blue tags are only coloured on the top which makes it great for sanding and bringing the kraft colour through!

I have a new found love of eyelets and have dusted off my little box of mixed ones that have been gathering dust for the last few years!
You may be seeing some more eyelets from me in the near future!!

Hope you like my little tag, if i have some free time i think i will make one for each of my family to go on their pressies!

Lisa xXx