Monday 31 May 2010

Wordcup Football and Poundland

Just a little bit of shopping today, first up are these stickers from poundland, there are 2 A4 sized sheets in a pack

Next up are some Refs whistle sweeties and...

...some england themed drumstick lollies

I hope to make some goodie bags with these for the school summer fair! Watch this space!

Sunday 30 May 2010

Hey little birdie!!

I am really pleased with how these 3 cards have turned out! In fact i don't really want to put them in my box, i want them for myself!

They are made using accessorize stickers and a little x-cut punch

The card for the squares is DCWV and i must say i love it so much it matches thigs so well and i love the texture!

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L xXx

Saturday 29 May 2010

Birthday Bugs Gift with Fancy Bow Tutorial

I know you have already seen my Birthday Bugs idea so with this one i thought i would give you a little tutorial for the gift bow!!!

It is made with 3 loops of ribbon, each slightly smaller than the last, i stick mine with DST (double sided tape) as i find this is easiest and i have the seam to the ribbon loop at the back.

I then stacked the ribbon largest first... and cut a small scrap of ribbon that is just big enough to go round the bow bundle, i then cover the length of the little strip of ribbon with DST and wrap it rounf the bundle of ribbon with the join on the underside

and voila! pretty gift ribbon, just stick on with some more DST and your done!

Bugs and Hugs

L xXx

Friday 28 May 2010

Wall Hanging - my 2 Loves

After yesterdays exciting crafty parcel from Hobbycraft i set straight to work!!
The photos i have used for the are my 3 most fave pics, i adore the one of rob holding molly with her pink ball!!

The pink ball is very special as it was mollys first toy, i brought it for her ready for when we brought her home from the rescue centre and it was like she had never had a toy before (chances are she hadn't) and she wouldn't put it down for weeks! She used to fall asleep with her bone in her mouth and you could see her wanting a drink of water but not wanting to drop her ball!!!

I have spelt the word love down the wall hanging one letter on each section

The Quote is from the anna griffing quote book and i die cut all the shapes and photos using my nestabilities

It was hard to photograph as it was quite long... dont tell rob but i had to glue dot it to the back of the bathroom door for these pics!!!


Lisa xXx

Sainsburys - half price party bag goodies

I may have mentioned that i am getting some bits ready for the school summer fair and i came accross these in sainsburys the other day
All of the items above were half price (they cost between 49p and 99p) and i thikn these will be great split in different goodie bags

These pirate badges were reduced to 37p and the stickers 49p both have 4 in a pack

I paid full prive for these to bulk out the bags with some of the half price stuff too

Last up are choccy footballs these were more expensive than the ones from homebargains but I prefer the pattern on these!!


Lisa xXx

Thursday 27 May 2010

Oh WOW!! What a brilliant day or two!!!!

I have a little bit of crafty news, and have been bouncing around since yesterday afternoon!!!

Late yesterday i had an email from Hobby Craft, they had been reading my blog and made me a fantastic offer!!!
They asked me if i would be interested in reviewing and making some bits with some new lines of paper, dies and embellishments!! Needless to say I said yes!! It was about 3pm yesterday when i replied to the email and low and behold this morning a big box arrived!!!

In the box were lots of things from the Anna Griffin Isabelle Range, a huge pack of 12x12 Bazzill Card with lots of different textures and even some blin in it! There were 100 sheets, i have never seen so much Bazzill!!!

And then there were some sizzix products!! Hobbycraft advised me that all of the products were coming soon to stores, but i think the sizzix stuff may be in there already?

Hobbycraft have said that i can blog everything i make with the stuff, but hobbycraft want me to send them photos of what i make, not sure how they will be used yet so watch this space!!!

I have already made 3 christmas cards, a wall hanging and a sweetie bag prototype in my excitment but do feel it is a litte early to show christmas cards so may keep those pics for a month or few!!!!

I will blog my wall hanging tomorrow as i think 3 posts in a day is plenty!!!

Hugeeeee Hugs

Lisa xXx

Another little shopping spree!!

Today i popped to hobbycraft to get some felt to make some bits for the summer fair with...
I got polka dot felt...

...Animal print felt...

and plain felt, which was on offer for 29p

I also found a fab bargain, wood effect vinyl for 59p!! Wood is so in right now and i plan to cut some motifs from this for use on cards

I also discovered these lush butterflies from Henbury Lane, i often think HC is expensive but these were 1.99 for 12 which i think is not too bad at all

They are so detailed and i think you would only need one on a card!

Oooops this little lot seem to have fell in too!

I think i should be on HC commission lately!!


Lisa xXx