Tuesday 10 December 2013

All wrapped up felt bow Fiskars Fuse card!

I love a bit of felt, really love it!! And I also like a non-traditional-coloured Christmas card too!!
So here is the perfect combo! Using some scrummy first edition papers again (I love these so much every set is so nice!!) and a stampin' up die to cut the whopper of a bow, I finished the card off with a letterpressed die cut greeting made on the Fiskars Fuse Die Cutting Machine

Monday 9 December 2013

Traditional Christmas Card using Fiskars Fuse Machine

A simple yet effective Christmas card from me today, as we get closer to the festive season I still have some Christmas cards to make and this will probably be the design I go with, it's quite a quick card to produce but a decent size (6x6)

I use the fiskars fuse to letterpress onto some canvas type paper that I found in my stash and inked the plate up in 2 colours to tie in with my background paper which was from a first edition Christmas stack from last year!

A few paper roses inked in the same inks and Bob's your uncle! (actually Bob is my Grandad!!)
I think is will be mostly Christmas on the blog from now on as I do have a few things to show you!
Lisa xxx

Monday 25 November 2013

Too much stash and always something to tidy!!

Now all of my demos for the year are over I feel I can relax a little and give my studio a much needed tidy, it has been trashed over the past month where I have dumped one load of things and boxed up another for the next demo!
Today I have been sorting, putting away and tidying, I am not finished yet and still have lots to do but I am getting there!
I am updating my FOR SALE PAGE tonight and will add things to it over this week too, I have lots of patterned papers that I have sorted through and think I may put together some little kits with them with some other embellies etc in and pop them on here too!
I still have a way to go with my tidying efforts but am finding the de-cluttering quite therapeutic! And as always I have a little helper!! Molly loves nothing more that to wander around shedding fur on a clean desk!

Saturday 23 November 2013

Anyone near Stockport?

I have been so busy this week I forgot to mention that I am off to hobbycraft in Stockport this morning for a day of fiskars fuse demonstrating! If you would like to pop and say hi I am there 10-6 xxx

Monday 18 November 2013

A Little Batch of Fiskars Fuse Thank You Cards

A little spot of batch card making for you today, my Mum needed some thank you cards making and these are what I came up with!

I have a HUGE obsession with First Edition Patterned papers and have used them on these cards

To be honest the fuse machine and dies do most of the work here as they die cut and letterpress in one pass so I have just had to put the card together really!

So there was a batch of pink ones......

....and a batch of green ones!!
Enjoy xxx

Saturday 16 November 2013

Fantastic Dies... With a difference!

Hello folks!
This is the last one of my posts regarding the NEC, sorry its late but I have been playing catch up with the day job after spending last week at the show!

While I was at the NEC I came across the Papaercrafts stand where before I knew it I was clutching at a little handful of dies!
They have a lovely selection of dies called "All Occasion Dies" and they are really nice and modern looking, it wasn't until I started to talking to Beverley (whose husband Robert designs all of these fab dies!) that I realised just how clever the dies are, the word or phrase dies are all designed in the same font which is great as you can interchange words and greetings, for example in the photo above I got the words "Happy" "Christmas" and "Birthday" each die comes with a small die and larger die and because they are single words the "happy" die can be used for both occasions!
It doesn't stop there, the font that the dies are created in is available as a free download on any of Roberts CD's so you can print inserts, envelopes and other stationery where the font inside will match the die you have used on the outside! It has been very well thought about and there are a good selection of word dies and alphabet dies to choose from and the prices are really good with free PnP too!
You will also see in my photo some cute poinsettias and snowflakes, a great size for embellishing cards and making cute tags too!
Beverley and Robert have some lovely Decorative dies on the site too, this one was my favourite but it was sold out at the show, I can't say I am surprised as it was gorgeous!

I have borrowed this photo from Joanna Sheen as she also stocks the dies and you can see it made up in this photos, its a lovely little bow and I must order mine as I want to make some tags for my special Christmas pressies, I think it would look fab cut in red and mounted onto craft card tags with some bakers twine on the tag!
As if this die wasn't fab enough, Robert has gone the extra mile and produced a series of free downloads which you print back to back on card to cut your bow from, that then gives you a double sided patterned bow, how great and simple is that? And there are some cute floral vintage type patterns on there to which I love!
There are other free downloads on the website which co-ordinate with other dies in their range so its very much hybrid crafting for us die cutting addicts and lovely to have a different way of using the dies.
Sadly I have not had a chance to use my dies yet, but am desperate to get down to some crafting! I haven't even unpacked my NEC craft bags yet so that is something on this weekends to do list!
But as soon as I have made some things using them I will show you as I think they are so nice and will br great for card making and tag making!
If you want to have a good look through the selection of dies and downloads as well as the CD's Robert is famous for then pop along to the Papaercrafts Website and have a nosey!
I have a mad day at work tomorrow with the arrival of Santa!! But will try and get a post done when I get home!!
Happy Crafting
Lisa xXx

Wednesday 13 November 2013

Whats on Your Hotel Bed Wednesday!? NEC Shopping!

Not quite whats on your workdesk as I can't actually see mine at the mo! I have come home from the NEC with a horrible cold and a full week at work to make up the time I took off to go to the NEC last week! Bum!
I found it a little difficult to leave the Art of Craft stand at the end of each day without buying something.... it seemed rude! So above is a new die and expansion pack for my fuse machine, 2 memory box dies and an A4 embossing folder!

Next up a selection of little clock hands, there are a 2 fuse dies that have a clock face on them and I love the idea of using real hands so have got myself a little stock some for my sample cards and some for some cards I want to make for special people!

Next a good supply of bling, I love the bling from Mei Flower and visit them every time I go to the NEC for a good stock up! Mum if you are reading this - don't worry I popped and got you some and will post them :o)

Next up is a little selection of goodies from Rob AKA The MDF Man, I didn't actually pay for these he let me have them to play with so I will certainly do them justice and make them into something pretty!
I also got a few things I didn't photograph like some centura pearl card and a couple of other dies, I then also got some rather special dies that deserved a blog post all of their own so will be back with those later!
I was much better behaved as a demonstrator than I am as a shopper!!
Lisa xXx

Tuesday 12 November 2013

Hobbycrafts Show at Birmingham NEC 2013 - Part One - The Stand

Hello, I am back with the first of 2 posts from the NEC, this one is about the stand and tomorrows round up will be about the shopping!!
I have to admit I didn't take the photo above (clearly as that is my big bum in the black!!) I have pinched it from Kath's Facebook post!
This was taken on Wednesday during the chaos that is set up!
The other lady in the photo is Penny from The Art of Craft - she was lovely and made me feel very welcome!

This picture shows the stand all set up, in fact this was taken on Sunday morning, the last day of the show so we had quite a bit less stock than we started with!
This was where I stood for 5 days!! you can see the fuse machine at the front and a few samples to the left, round the corner from that was our second demo table where we demoed various Fiskars tools and punches

This is the rest of the stand we shared with The Art of Craft, all tidy and neat before the madness commences!

This is the lovely Sharon who literally made cards all day long, bless her! and some very pretty ones at that! I wish I had taken a few pics of her cards but the show just took over and I didn't take anywhere near enough photos for you guys!

And lastly this is Jane the owner of The Art of Craft and her son Mark both of them were lovely and made me feel at home, although I am reliably informed that Mark turns into a bit of a monster when he gets the van keys in his hands!!
Back tomorrow with a sneaky peek at some of the goodies I bought back with me!
Lisa xXx

Monday 11 November 2013

Blog Lovin'

My blog (and my craft room) is desperately in need of a tidy up and a little re-vamp, I have been so busy lately and it has been pushed further and further down the list!
I am spending tonight tidying it up a little bit and condensing down some of the tutorials too and will be back shortly with a round up of my 5 days at the NEC Hobbycrafts show! But will leave you with a pic of molly surveying the street from my desk!
Lisa xXx

Sunday 20 October 2013

Well Where do I start?

I know I have not blogged in what feels like an age and I am really missing it!
I spent Friday editing lots of photos that I need to blog and will get a few posts done this week catching you up with where I have been and what I have been doing!
Firstly I must show you my swap package from my good friend Helen who I popped to see a few weeks ago and while we were nattering we decided to give our selves a little challenge to send each other a little pack of goodies and get making with them!
I have kept to one side of the deal by sending my package but am yet to get making with them, I think I need a 10 day week right now!
I have never been a big Halloween crafter and even less so since leaving my job at a school last year  but I will get something made this week I promise!!
I just love these little boxes she has sent me and the tiles are fab, I really wanted to get some of these when Helen gave me a couple before but never got around to it!
I am a little sad, but mega excited all at the same time as when I went to see Helen, we decided to go along to the Hobbycrtafts Show at the NEC, we used to go loads but a lot has happened in both of our lives and we stopped so we decided to pull our socks up, dust off our shopping bags and go mojo hunting.... however I have thrown a big spanner in the works.... as some of you will have read I have been demonstrating for Fiskars in Hobbycraft stores across the country (Watford I am at your Hobbycraft this Saturday!!) well I had an email from them last week asking if I would be available to demonstrate at the NEC (on all of the days!) I couldn't say no, so I have juggled the day job around and off I go, but I was so looking forward to walking round and bouncing ideas back and forth with Helen just like the good old days!! I am hoping I will be able to take a little break and catch up with here a tiny bit!
Right I am going to go a spend a teeny bit of quality time with Rob as I have been at work all weekend (not normal these days unless I am demoing!) and will be back tomorrow with some Fiskars Fuse projects to wet your appetite for my NEC and Hobbycraft Demos!
Lisa xXx

Saturday 21 September 2013

For Sale Page Updated

Hi bloggers, I have updated the for sale section to include lots of die cutting goodies and some other bits and bobs! lots more to sort through  but getting there!! Accucut and sizzix dies are next!! but trust me that is a mammoth job!
Lisa xxx

Friday 20 September 2013


I just wanted to pop some dates up for my upcoming Fiskars Fuse Demos at Hobbycraft stores
28th September - Leeds
26th October - Watford
23rd November - Stockport
For details of all demo dates click HERE

Monday 2 September 2013

A lot of catching up to do!

It has been ages since I blogged last and its been a busy summer with both the day job and crafting!!
Christmas is coming to my Low Hill (Wolverhampton) craft workshop on Friday so I have been busy prepping the kits for that.
And this weekend I will be spending Saturday demonstrating the Fiskars Fuse machine at Hobbycraft Milton Keynes, please pop in if you are passing I would love to meet some of my readers!
Have you seen the Fiskars Fuse machine? Its a big machine, a similar size to the Big Shot Pro, but folds up for storage (thankfully!!) The photo is not of my machine, my craft room looks like a bomb site so i thought that a stock photo would be better at this moment in time!!

On another Fiskars note, they have been nominated for a craft award is association with crafts beautiful and papercrafter mags, if you fancy voting for your fave products just click HERE
Right I am off to tidy the craft room and get some makes and kists finished!

Thursday 18 July 2013

Any thrifty crafters out there????

Hi there!
I have been so busy this week I have not had a spare moment to blog! But hopefully change is afoot! This year I have gone from a full time job which I dropped down to part time to take on another part time role I was offered out of the blue, so working full time hours between 2 jobs has meant a very hectic life and it wasn't sustainable so this week was the last week of my notice period and next week my first week with just one part time job!
It was not an easy decision and will mean cut backs and lots of planning! We need to budget and plan meals to start with and see what that brings! This also means a bit of thrifty crafting too!
I have plenty of stash so will continue my clear out but would love some thrifty tips!
Lisa x

Thursday 4 July 2013

Dates for your diary!

My diary is such a mess!! I am that busy these days currently juggling 2 part time jobs (although I am working my notice on one of them!) and running my craft classes, workshops and demos! I struggle with how to keep my diary, electronic or paper and at the moment seem to be keeping both! I like an electronic diary as i can schedule my craft classes that are monthly and it just repeats them without me giving it a second thought but i can scribble on paper so tend to always seem to return to that!!
Either way, I have some dates for those local readers of mine!
Friday 12th July - Papercraft Class - Low Hill Community Centre - 7pm - 9pm
Saturday 13th July - Technique Class - Hobbycraft Wolverhampton - 1:30pm - 3:30pm
Sunday 21st July - Parent and Child Craft Class - Hobbycraft Wolverhampton - 1pm - 2pm
Tuesday 30th July - Papercraft Class - Hobbycraft Wolverhampton - 9:30am - 11:30am
Saturday 3rd August - Die Cutting Demonstration - Hobbycraft Telford - 11am - 3pm
I am going to start popping the upcoming dates in my side bar too with more details on the events page!

Wednesday 3 July 2013

Crafty clear out

I have updated the for sale page (tab across the top!) and will be adding some more items tomorrow too, if you want anything the rules are on the page! Enjoy!

Monday 1 July 2013

Butterflies and flowers craft class

I wanted to show one of my recent classes (I have a couple to blog but am a little behind so thought I would share my favourite first!!) You all know I have a love of the colour pink and an addiction to dies so this was a selfishly designed class using my fave colours and lots of die cutting!!
the box above and below was die cut using the sizzix favour box die, I like its simplicity as you can decorate it for absolutely anything, the flower was again a sizzix die cut and I showed my class how to add shape and dimension to their flower die cutting using a stylus (one of those pen like tools with a small metal ball on the end) and a foam mat (a mouse mat turned over will do the trick too!!)
After inking the edges of the flower you simply use the stylus to draw from the centre of the flower all of the way down the petals.
When doing my last couple of  Hobbycraft demos I have had this out on the table and it has got lots of ooohs and ahhhs so i think it is a technique I will demo more in future!
We also made a matching card and tag, we added a lattice die cut to the bases of these and then embossed it to give it a different look
Lastly is the main card we made, I absolutely love this card!!
I demonstrated to the class how to cut a frame using framelits dies and also how to stamp through the waste like a stencil
I was having a play with the photos i had taken and made this cool header for my written tutorial, I think i will do that for all of my tutorials now as i really like the look!
I will be back with more later on in the week, i have a craft room to tidy and next weeks class to prep!
Lisa xxx

Saturday 29 June 2013

Mini Tutorial :: 3 fold card blank using Sizzix Vintage Cabinet Card Die

I am pleased with how this card turned out as it was a bit of an experiment!!

I have wanted this die for ages but wanted to do something a little different with it

I had a little measure of the die when it arrived and it just so happened that the die cut shape was the width of a 3rd of A4 paper, this dosent often happen as so many things are designed for the american market

So firstly i scored a piece of A4 card int 3 equal sections and folded both of the side in so i was left with a section of A4 card 3 layers thick

I then lined this up in the die so that both sides were just inside the cut line of the die - in this pic you can see that the folds are just inside, but you will need tomake sure the card covers that top and bottom blades on the shape, in the photo mine dosen't but that was so you could see how i lined it up on the sides

This is what it shold look like, you can then decide if you want a zig zag fold or if you want more of a gate fold and then of course decorate it into what ever you want it to be!

Products used:
Spellbinders nestabilities and shapeabilities dies

Thursday 13 June 2013

Christmas Gift Idea :: Felt Star Decorations

I have been doing a little more christmas making.... Sorry I know its early but I run out of time so quickly in the run up!

I am please with how they have turned out - they are not sewn again as i am struggling with my stitching but i love felt, but i am pleased with how they have turned out and the look quite neat!!

The stars were cut with the new Sizzix Framelits Dies - i love these dies so much!!!

I hope you like the decorations even without the sewing, i think they will look nice on the tree!