Sunday 16 August 2009

Bloggers.........We have paint!

Evening Bloggers!!
Much happier tonight..... we have paint... in more ways than one!

Firstly we have colours chosen for the walls... i was going to have cream walls, but when it came to the crunch my creative side came through and so did my love of pink!
These are the 2 colours i wanted... fairy dust (so love the name!) and Soft lime BUT these were uber expensive Crown paints... so i took the little bookie that they have in stands on the isle over to the cheapy homebase ownbrand paint...

...and matched them up with these 2 beauties!!! Candyfloss and Lush... still pretty names!
Pics are a bit crud as i took them tonight! But the cans are see through so the background colours is actually the paint itself!The homebase paint was much cheaper and the colourmatch was pretty good, i just hope there is enough paint in the Lush shade - Robs dad said there will be but i am not so sure!!! we will see tomorrow!!

Yesterday was quite a bargainous day i must say!! The reason i went to homebase was because my mum had sent me a 15% off voucher which i thought would be great for the paint alone really! I have saved very hard for the new craft room so saving some money is FAB!!!
Well i had had a little look on the Internet at the homebase site and they had some click flooring in the sale, it was not reduced as such but was buy one pack get a second half price - from my calculations i needed 6 packs (god i hope they were right!) so it worked out as quite a good deal - and said they were in stock in our local HB. The flooring i wanted was birch, quite light but i wanted it to match my desks and expedit from ikea that are also birch. On the back of my voucher it did say that it would not work on sale items, but i still had a look around and the deal looked very good. Also i needed to get: Skirting board, paint for the skirting and window, expanding foam, underlay for the floor, spacers for laying the floor, the paint for the walls, a special base coat paint to cover cracks, roller and tray, ceiling roller and a trim for the flooring (i think that is everything!!)

So we grabbed everything we needed ( we had taken 2 cars!! - mine is only dinky though) and headed for the checkout! Well i had a very nice surprise! the flooring should have been £154 but i got £39 off from the BOGOHP deal and then to my surprise i got the 15% off as well!! Woohoo!! so for all of that stuff.... it came to £245 which i am really really pleased with!

So for today's work.... we have paint!!!!
I have painted the ceiling with a dreadful extended roller (can't do ladders remember!) just a plain old white and only a watered down base coat but paint all the same!!
On top of the base coat is going to be a rather expensive base coat from pollyseal that is supposed to cover cracks and patches, Robs dad used it in his hall and was pleased so we thought we would give it a try in here! I will let you know how it goes tomorrow as that is my first job of the morning! it takes 4-6 hours to dry so i am hoping to get some colour on tomorrow too - i am desperate to see what the colours look like on the wall and dry!
Here are some pics of today's work!! rob has a teeny bit of sanding and plastering still to do... then its PAINT PAINT PAINT!

This is not blue...just a shadow as i took the piccys this eve

well that is it really - pretty boring pics tonight... except for my pretty paint!
Fingers crossed tomorrows post will be a tad more colourful!!
P.S thanks for the nice comments ladies x
L xXx

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Kath said...

Oooh I like the colours you have chosen. It is lovely when you get to the putting on stage. You will see such a difference. Well done for sticking at it.