Friday 18 September 2009

Getting there...Slowly...

Just a little craft room update for those who are still watching this...
I am just getting things onto shelves and giving them a home at the moment and plan to sort thigs as i go along as it seems to have been ages since i have had a good crafting session and with the dreaded christmas looming i really need to get making!
I plan to make a lot of my gifts this year as money is quite tight since Rob has lost a day a week, all of his overtime and his bonus, i wish we could have known this would happen and we really would have been more careful with our cash last year!
Due to funds being tight i am not making many crafty purchases, and with moving rooms it has really brought home to me how much stuff i have!! All of my stuff has been gathered over about 8 years and as we have no children when we had the money we would both spend it on things we enjoyed and our hobbies. I am very lucky to have this room and i really do appriciate it and all of the work we have put into it.
I do plan to have a good sort out over the coming months and will be listing lots of bits that i do not use on ebay so keep your eyes peeled, i will mention it on my blog when i list stuff on there for sale as i expect there will be some bargains to be had!

So back to the room, i have just put things on the shelves where they will fit for now, quite a few of the boxes are empty, waiting for things to be sorted into them!

One desk built, this will house my big ellison machine and my big shot

I really am loving my expedit, again not all of the boxes have things in and not everything is where it will always be but i am just putting stuff away for now!

The shelves, these are great and the DVD towers have been great for putting my 6x6 paper in, i have way too much and this is something that will definately be winging its way to ebay!
The things on the top of the shelves will not be staying there but i have put them up out of the way for now!!

I am going to crack on with the room this weekend so will pop some more updates on ASAP


L xXx


Sally said...

Looking good!

voodoo vixen said...

Its all coming together nicely now! I think you have to put things away and then rearrange things as you find you use them... I know I did!!

Angie said...

Love the room and the sort out will be like buying things ...all over again.
Being careful with money can be fun and I love economy cooking but it is the impuse buys I miss. I have never been flush with money but about 5 years ago I recieved quite a lot ...did I save it ... spent it on stash which will last for years and years, wonderful ingrdients for cooking, great food when out and enjoyed frittering it on whims that I had never had the cash to do before. Sometimes I'm mad with myself but then I did have loads of fun for atleast 3 years ...and you cant take it with you.
Have fun making your gifts and bargain shopping ...which is a great buzz...things will improve for you both.

Kath said...

Looking splendid. You will feel now that it was worth the effort.

Anonymous said...

Love that box units, where did you get it? Thinking more for my son's toys than crafty stuff.