Sunday 11 October 2009

Craft Fairies Scrap Heap Challenge...

I have spent today sorting out my paper and card scraps... i have loads!!!
I do keep all of my scraps but am not so good at using them up!

So today i have had a good sort out of my scraps!

Fisrt sorting the scraps into colours....

I had a pile for every colour and 3 wooden ika drawers of scraps to sort out!

I have tried various ways of storing my scraps and i find that storing them by colour is the easiest way!

Next i stored the colours in these zippy wallets, these were rescued from school, the children use them as homework folders and at the end of last term i rescued these from the bin!! With a little wipe down and some new labels they are perfect for storing my scraps!

So now my scraps are sorted i have set myself a little challenge... i need to make at least 2 projects a week using my scraps!!! Please feel free to join in with my challenge, i will be blogging what i make so if you link to my blog let me know and i will link back!


Lisa xXx


Virginia said...

I sorted mine a while ago - also following the colour co-ordinated method. Now interested in your challenge - may try the same - not been so good with my scraps later - well adding to them a plenty but not using them! Thanks for the inspiration!

Unknown said...

Wow, that's what I call organised. I was organised similarly a couple of years ago, sadly, it didn't last long!

camcraft said...

Wish mine were as organized! Mine are stuffed into a box and when it gets where I can't close is when I have a sort then I usually send my scraps off to my niece so she can use as she pleases in craft play, they are usually much appreciated - I might though keep some back for myself now seeing your idea - although limited space does pose a problem using your idea seems not to take up much space at all. Glad to hear you rescue stuff from the bin too!
Carole x

Abi Bundy said...

I've got my scraps organised like that too still never get around to using them though!!! good luck with your challenge!

Elaine from Brisbane said...

I too use the colour method for scraps. I find it the easiest. However, my aim is to not end up with any scraps if at all possible. I try to make the card/s that I require and then use up the scraps at the same time so that there is nothing left of that piece of paper. Hence no scraps. I have ended up with some interesting interpretations working this way and my local church charity shop loves the box of cards they get twice a year. Of course, this is my aim but doesn't always work out that way.