Sunday 8 November 2009

Crafters Near Wolverhampton... I Need Your Input!

Evening all!
Rather a odd post from me tonight... I would love to hear from any crafters in Wolverhampton (and those near by) who would be interested in a card and gift making workshop?
I do not have a venue yet as i wanted to gauge interest to see if it would be worth doing
So... Do you live locally or would you be willing to travel once a month for a workshop? It would be on a Saturday as i work during the week so if you are interested please drop me an email

More cards tomorrow

L xXx

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Julia Dunnit said...

My experience is this: you have to dive in, set it up (therefore make it relatively convenient to you) and then push it...waiting for a bunch of people you don't know to suggest stuff won't pay off...been there! then you have to run it a few times before it takes 'hold''s hard but fruitful work! Good luck.