Sunday 31 January 2010

Fancy a Hug?? A Hug in a Mug, that is!

One of the things I made at Christmas was snowman soup, infact I made tons of the stuff!!!
Well once I had done my christmas stalls I had a few left over, i was aware that the hot choc and marshmellows sell by dates were towards the end of 2010 so would not be suitable to keep until this Christmas so i needed to come up with a quick re-use of them as i could never drink that much hot choc!

This is what i have come up with, a hug in a mug!
I have used mini marshmellows that i had alreads re-packaged into little heat sealed bags, hot choc sachets and some love tokens that i got from Home Bargains (9 for 39p i think) on the reverse of the tokens is just and embossed heart which is the side I chose to use!

I printed the cards on the comp, I did 2 designs as i wanted one suitable for the boys on valentines day!

I got 6 printed cards from one A4 sheet and packaged them in slim poly bags
The red ones were accented with some heart gems

And the bear ones with some tiny silver stars!

This idea could be adapted for items throughout the year


Lisa x


Angela said...

That looks like a gorgeous gift!

Unknown said...

Such a clever idea X

Alix said...

ooooh yes please...i could do with a hug right now!!