Saturday 6 February 2010

Crafty Saturday Shopping....

I very rarely go to town as i am normally so busy at the weekend and work from 8.30 until 5.30 sometimes later, so it was nice to pop over to Telford today for a bit of a rummage!
Accessorize was my first stop, where i love to rummage for their stickers as they make great quick cards!
There were 3 sets of stickers i had not got and also these cute little bird paperclips, that i thought would look cute on a gift bag or card!

These are cute, a little larger than i would normally go for however!

I love little birds and owls right now...must be something to do with my name!

Cute pandas and very funky hearts... love these colours!

Next up was poundland, and i found these cookie cutters! there is 5 in a pack so that is just 20p each!
regulars to my blog may remember my christmas cookie cutter gift well i plan to adapt this for easter!

Also in pount land were these gems, i have had these before and for something so cheap they really sparkle!

I also got these from the range, thought they would be good for photographing my cards and other bits and bobs! They are really meant to hold plates!

The rest of my purchases were inspired by my friend helen and her blog as she has made some lovely cards from primark necklaces (dismantled first!)

This flower one has some lovely pink stones in the centre of some of the flowers!

Lastly some bear biscuits that are to be transforned into bear hugs for valentines and easter!

What have you brought today??


Lisa xXx


tea_bag said...

Love looking through your shopping it felt kind of naughty but nice you have some great finds there hugs and sparkles from alma xx

Carmen said...

Some lovely buys there, I loved that butterfly necklace when I saw it on Helens blog, I must try and get one.

Sandra said...

You really did get some great bargins, didn't you. I'm loving those cookie cutters .... looking forward to seeing them in use.

furrypig said...

My DD loaves Pandas so we will be off to Accessorise soon! Looks like you got lots of goodies, I was just thinking there were familiarities between your blog and 'Fiddle Fart' and now I know why!

Unknown said...

You had a good shop! I love those paperclips.

Claire said...

I need those paperclips

Tracey and Paul said...

what are you going to do with those big paperclips ?? I bought some christmassy ones in hobbycraft as they were so cheap but haven't a clue what to do with them lol

clare said...

cant wait to see what you come up with..and what great crafters love a bargain..esp when we live near poundland & home bargains and B&M' i thanks for sharing your bargains.

Hugs Clare xx

clare said...

me again..popped to my local poundland yesterday after seeing this post..i bought the cookie cutters and some gorgeous esater stickers...didn't have the gems there some packs of white & coloured card...and my best buy was a stack of 3 plastic draws that will look great on my craft desk.cant wait to go