Friday 8 October 2010

K & Co Flutterby Butterfly Cards

Just a little batch of butterflies today as i am so busy with my ebay posting!!!

Ebaying really is a nightmare, people are never happy and i realise now this is why i always leave it so long in between my little bursts of ebaying as it is just such a nightmare and for the few quid you make (hopefully) from selling your second hand stuff the level of stress and hassle you get make it very not worth it!!!

I have quite a few bits to re-list due to time wasters, people bidding, winning and then haggling over costs that were clearly outlined and generally causing me grief!!
So i now know why i always say the famous last words "i am never doing this again" but only to throw myself into it all over again 6 months down the road!

Rant over... back to the butterflies!!
They are all from K&Co (my fave!!)

Mounted on some scallops and Square matts

off to play with parcel tape and envelopes!!


Lisa xXx


artydoll said...

sorry you had so much trouble with people on Ebay,they can be a real nightmare,lol.
Your pretty butterflies are so stunnung ,wish I could afford all your cutting machines,or maybe just one that could cut out some perfect circles,I,m just rubbish at cutting them out by hand,duh.

Chrysalis said...

Hi Lisa

Thanks for the lovely flutterbies - just what's needed to cheer up this India summer (that'w what they reckoned anyway haha!) day.
Sorry to hear about all the grief on ebay. There's just no pleasing some people - but you please your friends here though - keep it up! x