Sunday 19 December 2010

No Business Like Snow-Business.....

These piccies are the view from my craft room wondow yesterday!!
The one above is the view to the left....

.....Straight ahead and my poor little car!

and to the right, it was just starting to cover the bottom of the gates!!!

We didn't really have too much when it snowed last time so I guess we are making up for it now!

Have you had any? I wanted to get outside and taked some pics but just seemed so busy today!

I have been a bad blogger lately due to being so busy with Christmas less than a week away, things are starting to chill now and over the holiday i want to get this blog into ship shape condition, I am re-doing all of my lables, this is going to take forever but I will hopefully get it finished by new year, that way things will be much easier to find and search for. I also want to re-do and add some more tutorials too so watch this space!

Lisa xXx

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Diane said...

Have a look on my blog and you`ll see SNOW !!

hugs Diane xx