Monday 10 February 2014

Aged Gold Bird Mini Book - Using Fiskars Fuse Die Cutting Machine

This cute but oh-so-hard-to-photo mini book was made from die cuts, the cover is a die cut scalloped square - die cut and letter pressed on the fuse machine using some gold card i found in my paper drawers, I have no idea where it was from there were just 2 lone sheets of it! I wish i had more as it had a worn / crackled look to it!
the bird is cut and letter-pressed from the same gold card and some black ink rubbed over it to bring out the gold crackle look!
the pages were just some kraft paper folded into zigzags and stuck to the covers
definitely not the easiest to photo but if you are at the NEC in Mark or Ali Pali in April i will have it on my samples tree!
Lisa xXx


A warm hug said...

I love this project, really cute :)

A warm hug said...

I love this project, really cute :)

Anonymous said...

wow, absolutely stunning!

Josie said...

A lovely aged shabby chic finish. A shame you only found two sheets of the card!

Jenniffer said...

Love the craft..It is really cool. Keep it up