Monday 17 August 2009

Plenty of Base...

Evening all,

Not got any piccies for you tonight because the room looks pretty much the same!!!
But its not!
All walls are now basecoated with the posh pollycell basecoat, at first i was feeling a little conned, almost £25 for a pot of paint! But once on and dried it is looking pretty good, it has made the walls look loads better, it has filled all the little nooks and crannies that i didn't think it would and the walls look great...still white...but great!

The celing has also had another coat too and is all finished :oD Wooo!
I have painted around the window and that also looks fabby!!
Skirting board is painted and in the kitchen!!

So tomorrows plan of action:
~drag rob out of bed at the crack of dawn
~paint 2 pink walls
~paint 2 green walls
~start laying the flooring

at this point i must say, we are new to this click flooring lark... i have taken the outlook that it is like a big jigsaw puzzle... i will take some piccies along the way and let you know how we get on!

i just want to say a big thank you too, to everyone who has read my blog and offered words of encouragement!!
I will need you all when it is finished to support me filling it with my stash... now that will be a hard job!

L xXx

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Sarah said...

Wow, sounds like it's coming along. How lucky are you to get your own room. I have read the last few entries and have seen that's not all been plain sailing but sounds like you're getting there. Love the colours you have chosen and I'm looking forward to seeing how the colours look on the wall xxx