Friday 22 October 2010

Cute free standing penguin card - cut on the Cricut

Another One of the batch of penguin cards I mentioned!
Really pleased with this one, it is the first time i have made a large card using some jumbo shapes cut on my Cricut!!!

I cut out all of the shapes you normally would but with an extra base layer to use aa the back of the card

I scored the top of the back layer, this is how the card would open and where it would join together.

Phew it stands up!!! just got to add all of the layers now...

He is quite cute, simple looking but cute!

Next time i make one of these i will make sure i have an envelope that fits before i cut it all out!! I had to "tweak" an envelope to fit!!

I think he could be adapted for a cute christmas card too...


Lisa xXx


Helen said...

oooooo lisa ..... if you are intending to send me a Christmas card this year ...... can I have this one PLEASE!!!!

Hope and Chances said...

That is so great, another reason why I should buy a Cricut! :-)

Victoria said...

The Cricut can make that?! I really need to get experimenting!

Addams said...

Its a great card, makes me want to buy a cricut!

Just_a_bean said...

Ooooh - absolutely lovely! Which cartridge is that from - will have to get it?

Claire said...

ooh he's cute