Thursday 21 October 2010

Sorting out my scrap heap - Fancy a challenge???

While i have been poorly i have not felt up to crafting, my mojo has gone and i only hope it appears back in time for my half-term-craft-a-thon. So to keep me semi busy i sorted out my scraps pile, something that should have take half hour took forever with going back to bed, hot drinks and tablet breaks!

I trimmed all the odd bits off of the scraps and threw away anything smaller than an inch, i then popped what was left into a basket so its close to hand

Fancy a little challenge? There are no prizes but i am going to set myself a challenge of making some projects just from my scraps box!!!
I will blog what i produce!!
Lisa xXx


katemade designs said...

This is a daily challenge for me I have so much scrap that I rarely cut new paper except for card bases.
I should go through them an dump the smaller bits. Thanks for the inspiration.

Julia said...

I have a draw under my desk full of scraps, I always try to go there first! The frustrating thing is when you find the perfect colour but just not enough of it lol. get well soon.

Diane said...

Is that all you have regards scrap....I have a mountain of the stuff !! But when I do a project I try and do something with the leftovers, but don`t manage to use all of it !!

hugs Diane xx

PepPop said...

Why don't you try what I did - pick the first piece your hand touches and use it in a project. Ooh it was hard but fun. Jaqui x

Karen said...

I think we are all guilty of having too many scraps, I find them useful for die cuts and punchies. I will watch with interest to see what you do with yours. x

Chrysalis said...

Hi Lisa - it's such a pain trying to keep on top of your scrap heap, eh? I put in a post about how I use my scraps -

Another way I forgot to mention, was making loads of bunting out of strips of scrap - easy peasy if you line them up with your cutting mat and mark 1x3cm triangles. I'll put a demo on tomorrow's post if anyone wants to look.

Hope you're feeling better now x

Hope and Chances said...

I did a similar thing, cut up my scraps to neater sizes and then sorted into two boxes, patterned and plain - impressive eh.. except cannot remember where those boxes are now! :-)

akilli melek said...

For smaller pieces of stash trash I punch flowers and keep them in a tub ready for use, for strips I often paper weave them if I cant find enough of the right colour and size.
Would love to see what you come up with. I hate throwing anything away because I cant get more until I get back to UK.