Saturday 23 October 2010

Shopping Bag Saturday - Hobbycraft Sale and Crafts For Christmas!

Bit of a mixed bag from shopping today, things with the red stickers are from the hobby craft sale, ours had a little section at the very back where you had to have a rummage and then there was a dump bin full of stamps - the little happy Christmas stamp above was 29p!

The velvet tree brads were a total steal at 29p - i actually got the bits in this pic last week but didn't blog them and when i popped in today there had been a few bits added so i photographed these to go with my shopping post!

This looks way better in real life, its chunky glass and i think was prob in the flower arranging section but i got a couple to store my pens and tools in on my window sill

These stickers was from home bargains, 29p for 2 sheets, i will use some as tags for pressies but the penguin, snowman and Santa are really lovely and will be great layered as toppers!

Shopping lists were 59p, i only want the list but will re use the little pen and the thick magnetic strips on the back!

Wouldn't be my shopping bag without sweets!!
Twilights were 79p in home bargains, they were also 99p on offer in Sainsburys, they have changed the packets into little plastic ones and not the paper and foil, but you can still tart these up!!
The dairy milks are the little bars - were they called wild life bars when i was little? Anywho they are great for altering too and at 95p for 6 (home bargains again!!) are cheap too if you accidentally scoff one!!

I am quite excited about this.... it was £1.49 and is about the side of a small lunch box, but only the top is decorated (and its just printed not embossed so you can's see it on the inside) so it will be really easy to do a design on the top and just a little border round the top, i got 3 and plan to do a grown ups selection box, a pamper kit and some retro sweets in mine!!

There has been some talk of these chocs so i went on the hunt today as they sounded like they would be great used with my scalloped stampin up punch to make the decorated chocs that i normally use Elizabeth Shaw chocs for. They were £1.99 for 22 chocs so not really cheaper than the ES chocs if you get them on offer!!

The only thing i can see being a problem is the fact that they are kinda bowl shaped and the foil is stretched over them, meaning they may be a) hard to stick to the scalloped circle or b) if you are heavy handed like me you may break the foil handling them (i will assure you now any breakages will not go to waste!!)

They are a bit bigger than the ES chocs and only just fit in the circle, with no room for error!!

Next find..... Choc snowballs and reindeer noses 2 for £1 from Morrison's!!

another little hobby craft bargain for some quick cards, £1.99 for 5 sheets and i will get at least 2 cards a sheet

last up, when rummaging in hobby craft i found these glass beads they are quite chunky and teamed with some beads i already have will make some nice Christmas gifts

Phew i gotta put all of this away now!!

There may be another shopping post to come this week as i am off to St Albans tomorrow to visit my mum and we have some retail therapy planned
Rob is staying here all on his own as Molly is coming with me, i have brought lots of biscuits and crisps for him just in case he can't figure the oven or microwave out!!

Lisa xXx


Twiggy said...

Wow fab buys, I love the beads and Mr Men stickers
Twiggy x

Judi said...

Well done on your 'bargains', I too visited Hobby Craft today, and couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted a roll of ribbon that I've been trying to get my mitts on for over a year, priced at only 99p - it's been discontinued, but did sell for £4.99!!!

Hugs & happy crafting with your new toys

Judi xx

Unknown said...

Wish i could find such bargains in my hobby craft! Love that coke tin, where did you find that - i need one lol xx

Hope and Chances said...

Such bargains - you shopped well! And a wonderful array of chocolate too - perfect shopping trip :-)

Netty said...

LOL you are just brilliant at shopping.....Annette x

Ali M said...

wow..what a great lot of goodies you have found..I love seeing what to look out for in Home Bargains in Shrewsbury ,unfortunately no Hobby craft close by.. I must have a look to see which is the nearest...!!
thanks for sharing..x